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You can submit the form through MS Forms from this link or submit by email to cem.ergun@emu.edu.tr and adnan.acan@emu.edu.tr or tansel.sarihan@emu.edu.tr

Policy on makeups:
For eligibility to take a makeup exam, the student should bring a doctor's report within 3 working days of the missed exam. You will have only one make-up for final exams only. Make-up will be organized after final exam period and will cover all the material studied during the semester. You can fill the form and submit report within 3 working days.

  • !!!Quiz 4 will be conducted today (21.05.2020) at 17:00. Time is changed from 16:30 to 17:00 due to other exams of some students.
  • Quiz #3 Grades (out of 40) (!Posted on 12/05/2020)
  • !!! Quiz 4 will be performed on 21/05/2020 - Thursday at 16:30 same as before. Quiz 4 will cover Chapter 5(Functions), Chapter 4, Chapter 3, Chapter 2 and Chapter 1.
  • Quiz #2 Grades (out of 33) (!Posted on 10th of May)
  • !!! Quiz 3 will be performed on 12th of May at 16:30 same as before. Quiz 3 will cover Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.
  • !!!Reminder:  Quiz 2 will be performed on 5th of may at 16:30 same as before. Quiz 2 will cover chapter2 and Chapter 3. Multiple choice, filling missing parts of the given code and short coding type questions.

  • Click here to see course outline. (! Updated on 3rd of May)
  • Quiz #1 Grades (out of 30) (Updated on 1st of May)

  • Quiz #2 will be performed on 5th of May at 16:30 through MS Teams. (Quiz 2 will cover Chapter 2 and Chapter 3)
  • CMPE/CMSE 107 Quiz #1 will be performed on 28th April at 16:30 through MS Teams platform (Quiz will cover only Chapter 0 and Chapter 1)
  • Labs will continue every Friday at 16:30 for all groups as one session through MS Teams environment starting from 17.04.2020.
  • Click here to see your attendance.
  • Online lectures will be in normal lecture hours. Microsoft Teams will be used as online platform. 
  • Quiz #1 will be held on 26th of March at 16:30. - Exam rooms will be announced later.
  • Click here for course outline.