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Last Chance to make a choice about MT-2 / Research !!!

Published Date: Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Hi All,

Only Pooya (Midterm 2), Assetou (Midterm 2), Nejdet (Research), Peyman (Midterm 2) and Abubakar (Research) wrote me their choices.

Until Friday (14/12/2018), please wrote your personal choices, otherwise the ones who did not wrote their choices will get Midterm-2.

The ones who decided to do Research; your research topics will be delivered on Monday-Tuesday (17-18 December 2018). You will give me your research results on Final Exam date within a CD.

Midterm-2 exam will be done for the others on 28th December 2018 - 12:30 (Lecture Time, Lecture Place CTL006) , containing the chapters 5,6,7, an 8.