Course Outline CITE315

Course CodeCITE315
Course TitleSpecial Teaching Methods I
Semester2019-2020 FallLanguageEnglish
LevelThird Year
Workload180 HoursTeaching Format2 Hours Lecture, 2 Hours Tutorial
EMU Credit(2,0,2) 3ECTS Credit 
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Course Description


This course is about basic concepts of the subject-matter courses and the relationship of these concepts with subject-matter teaching. The foundations of teaching of field as basic law of National Education and law constitution. The main objectives of computer teaching, concepts of method and teaching strategies, different methods of instruction and teaching as applied to computer education. Analysis of computer teaching curriculum (aim-objectives, unit, and examples). Analysis and assessment of the lesson, teacher and student books’ samples.


General Learning Outcomes


By the end of this course, students will be able to
  • Comprehend rules and regulation on Information Technologies Teaching
  • Analyze curriculum of information technologies courses for primary and secondary education
  • Comprehend different instructional methods
  • Use different instructional methods in their micro-teaching applications
  • Use different evaluation strategies in their micro-teaching applications
  • Analyze different student resources (books) used in IT courses.
  • Analyze different teacher resources (books) used in IT courses.



Teaching Methodology / Classroom Procedures

This course will be conducted based on two different sessions. In two hours lecture session, there will be discussions on the theoretical issues. In labs/tutorials session, students will have a chance to practice different dimensions of teaching that is planning, presenting, preparing and evaluating with the guidance of the instructor. They will read and analyze some reading materials related to content and discuss it with the instructor and their friends in the lecture hours.


Course Materials / Main References

Lecture Notes:

The instructor’s lecture notes will be used. All course materials are available on the course web site.


Weekly Schedule / Summary of Topics
Week 1


Rules & Regulations on Information Technologies Teaching

Week 2


Rules & Regulations on Information Technologies Teaching

Week 3


Curriculum of Information Technologies Courses



Curriculum of Information Technologies Courses

Week 5


Instructional Methods

Week 6


Evaluation Strategies

Week 7


Micro Teaching

Week 8-9


Week 10


Micro Teaching


Micro Teaching

Week 12


Micro Teaching

Week 13

Analyzing Textbooks

Week 14

Final Review

Week 15-17






  • Attendance is mandatory and less  than 60% attendance may  result in "NG" Grade


  • Make-up Examination  will be offered to those students who missed out Mid-term or Final Examination 
    providing that:-

       a) Student has a genuine reason approved by the Instructor (i.e.  A Medical Report submitted within 3 
    working days or other reasons within the prior knowledge and approval of the Instructor);  

       b) Student has more than 60% Attendance record;


  • Midterm and Final make-up examination date, time, place and content will be announced on the website.  


  • No make-up Examination is offered for Class or Lab Quiz(s).



  Method of Assessment
Evaluation and GradingPresentation & ActivitiesAttendanceMidterm ExamFinal Exam
Percentage25 %
5 %30 %40 %


Grading Criteria *
90 -10085 - 8980 - 8475 - 7970 - 7465 - 6960 - 6456 - 5953 - 5550 - 5240 - 490 – 39

 * Letter grades will be decided upon after calculating the averages at the end of the semester and distribution of the averages will play a significant role in the evaluation of the letter grades.