Course Outline

Course TitleAdministering Web-based Content Management System
Course CodeITEC321
TypeFull Time
Semester Fall/Spring
CategoryAC (Area Core)
Workload180 Hours
EMU Credit(3,1,0) 3
PrerequisiteITEC229, ITEC224
Level  Junior Year/Senior Year
Teaching Format3 Hours Lecture and 1 Hours Laboratory per week
ECTS Credit6
Course Web Site
Instructor(s)Mobina BeheshtiOffice Tel+90 392 6301669
E-mail  Office NoCT123B
Course Description
Today, many web publishers use Web-based content management systems (WCMS) to allow them to instantly and dynamically update web pages and properties as new content become available so that every visit to a site is engaging, informative, and meaningful. This course explores the uses of the most popular open-source web-based content management systems. Participants explore the fundamentals of planning dynamic websites, CMS database management, developing CSS-controlled site templates, and creating database-driven websites through the planning and creation of their own topic-based sites. 
General Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between a CMS website, a static website, and websites using other server-side technologies.
  • Understand the benefits of working with a server-side database and the power it brings to creating and managing websites.
  • Create and deploy websites using CMS, including creating and editing content, adding functionality, and creating custom templates and themes.
  • Understand ongoing maintenance considerations with CMS websites.
Teaching Methodology / Classroom Procedures
  • The course has three hours of lectures in a week.
  • There are two hours of laboratory per week which is organized for practicing the commands learned (lab assignment) and related to lectures and encourages students to voice their difficulties about solving these questions.
  • Lecture notes and laboratory questions are posted on the course web site.
  • There is a written midterm and a final project.
  • The term project will be assigned individually in the third week of classes.
  • Class attendance is compulsory.
  • The student is responsible to check the course web site regularly and view the latest announcements.
Course Materials / Main References

Text Book

Reference Book

Weekly Schedule / Summary of Topics
Week 1Getting started
Installing WordPress
Custom installation
One-click installation
Logging in to WordPress
Week 2-3Pages in WordPress
Adding, editing, and deleting pages
Page attributes
Parent pages
Ordering pages
Week 4-5

Writing settings                        

Changing the post box size
Using emoticons
Changing the default post and links
Post to your site via email
Remote publishing

Reading settings
Changing default page behaviors
Privacy settings
Permalink settings
Photo Album configuration
Media settings
Image sizing
Embedding media
Changing the default folder for
uploaded files
Week 6The WordPress dashboard
Screen options
Customizing your dashboard
Editing your profile
Logging out
Must have WordPress plugins
Week 7Comments
Enabling and disabling comments
Setting default behaviors for
Viewing comment
Comment approval process
Dealing with spam
Deleting comments
Week 8-9Midterm Examinations
Week 10Posts in WordPress
Difference between posts and pages
Creating a new post
Visual and HTML editor
Adding media
Inserting a gallery
Full-screen editing
Categories and tags
Using custom fields
Previewing, publishing, and saving
Editing an existing post
Quick edit
Deleting and viewing a post
Changing post status and visibility
Permalinks and short links
Week 11WordPress Plugins
What are plugins?
Finding plugins
Installing plugins
Activating and deactivating plugins
Editing plugin settings
Deleting plugins
Week 12
WordPress Users
Adding, editing, and deleting users
User roles and permissions
WordPress tools
Importing content from another site
Exporting your WordPress data
WordPress Settings
General settings
Changing the site title and tagline
Changing your URL
Using a different homepage
Updating the admin email address
Changing time zones
Date/Time formats
Week 13Media in WordPress
The library
Scaling and cropping images
Media metadata
Uploading media
Week 14Adding Links in WordPress
Adding links
Link categories
Week 15

Final Project

Build your custom theme/Widgets/Plugins 

Week 16-18Final Examinations
  • Each student can have only one make-up exam.
  • One who misses an exam should provide a medical report or a valid excuse within 3 days after the missed exam.
  • The make-up exam is done at the end of the term and covers all the topics.
  • Students who fail to attend the lectures regularly may be given NG grade.
  • Once the grades are announced, the students have only one week to do objection about their grades.
  • It is the students' responsibility to follow the announcement on the course web site.
  • Students who arrive after the first 20 minutes of laboratory sessions will not be accepted to the Laboratory.
Method of assessment
Evaluation and GradingAttendanceLaboratoryTwo Quizzes (each 15%)Final Project
Percentage 10%20%30 %
40 %
Grading Criteria *
90 -10085 - 8980 - 8475 - 7970 - 7465 - 6960 - 6456 - 5953 - 5550 - 5240 - 490 – 39

* Letter grades will be decided upon after calculating the averages at the end of the semester and distribution of the averages will play a significant role in the evaluation of the letter grades.