Hello and welcome.

In this webspace, provided to me by EMU, I share my academic cv as well as announcements and lecture materials related to my courses. Here, I hope to create a collection of my expertise in Geotechnical Engineering and other useful information about this profession as I find time. Please do not hesitate to send me your messages on any improvements or criticisms that you may have.

Eriş Uygar


25.11.22 - Fall 2022 semester going so fast, we are already in Midterm Exam week! Please check LMS for solved problems and supplementary materials provided for your courses.

Spring 2022 semester has started and we are into our second semester of face-to-face education following the online period. I wish the best of luck for everyone and healthy days. Please find up-to-date course materials on https://lms.emu.edu.tr/.    23.03.22

Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 semesters' course materials are going to be shared through Moodle and Microsoft Teams. Please ensure you have your login details and don't forget to update your latest (active) email address and phone number on the student portal.

Fall 2020 semester course materials will be mainly provided through Moodle. The online courses will still take place on Teams. 

CIVL451 page updated - 24.03.20

CIVL100 page updated - 02.03.20

Quiz dates and Deadlines for Homework Submissions added for Spring 2020 semester. - 28.02.20

New Pages are now accessible for my courses. Please check from the menu on the left hand side of this page ! - Jan 2020.