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KKTF EMU Cup Beach Tennis Tournament Ends

KKTF EMU Cup Beach Tennis Tournament Ends
Published Date: Friday, 3 September 2021

KKTF EMU Cup Beach Tennis Tournament organized with the collaborations of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Sports Affairs Directorate and North Cyprus Tennis Federation (KKTF) took place on Sunday, 29 August 2021, at EMU Beach Club. Athletes competed in Registered Double Women, Registered Double Men, Registered Double Mixed, Unregistered Double Women, Unregistered Double Men and Unregistered Double Mixed categories. Cups and monetary awards were presented during an award ceremony that took place at 19:00. The awards were presented by EMU Vice Rector for Social and Cultural Affairs Prof. Dr. Deniz İşçioğlu, EMU Sports Affairs Director Cemal Konnolu, KKTF Beach Tennis Coordinator Çağakan Kansu, KKTF Referee Hüseyin Güzoğlu and EMU Sports Affairs Directorate trainers.

Champions of the Tournament

KKTF EMU Cup Beach Tennis Tournament champions received their cups. In Registered Double Mixed category, Mehmet Sonat – Saadet Aktuğlu took the first placed followed by Mustafa Zorba – Melis Mevlit in second place and İbrahim Ağun – İzem Civisilli in third and lastly, Fatma Kayol – Serhan Şeyh in fourth place. In Registered Men category, Andreas Artemio – Sotiris Konstantinov took the first place, Mehmet Sonat – Yarkın Kuloğlu second, Halil Altınbaş – Kemal Şah third and Mustafa Zorba – Remzi Hıdıroğlu fourth. In Unregistered Double Mixed category, Aydın Kayol – Ayşe Mullacuma became first, Talat Şentürk – Özen Doğacan second, İpek Civisilli – Nejat Abdullahoğlu third and Mahmut Halkseven – Kutlay Halkseven in fourth place. In Unregistered Women category, Özen Doğacan – Ayşe Mullacuma competed the tournament in first place, Sıdıka Nurtunç – Makbule Nurtunç in second, Naile Günbay Metinser – Kutlay Halkseven in third and Melis Gülcan – Ayşe Aksoy in fourth place. In Unregistered Double Men category, Tancan Kemaller – Aydın Kayol took the first place, Talat Şentürk – Nejat Abdullahoğlu second, Aliosman Nurettin – Ertan Fellahoğlu third and Hasan Maydon – Kemal Derebey fourth place. 

Special awards of EMU Sports Affairs Directorate were presented to the successful athletes at the end of the KKTF EMU Cup Beach Tennis Tournament. The Best Experienced Athlete Award was presented to Andreas Artemio, The Youngest Athlete Award to Kaya Halkseven, The Best Amateur Woman Award to Kutlay Halkseven, The Best Amateur Man Award to Nejat Abdullahoğlu and the Most Valuable Athlete Award to Sotiris Konstantinov.