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EMU Industrial Engineering Student Alperen Kıvanç Karademir’s Outstanding Success

EMU Industrial Engineering Student Alperen Kıvanç Karademir’s Outstanding Success
Published Date: Friday, 13 August 2021

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Engineering Faculty, Industrial Engineering Department student Alperen Kıvanç Karademir demonstrated great success by being elected to the Executive Board of the Turkish Industrial Engineers' Societies (EMT), Turkey's largest Industrial Engineering Students' Union. Alperen assumed the role of the Vice President of Sponsorship and Finance. In this way, EMU Engineering Faculty, Industrial Engineering Club, which is one of the founding members of Turkey EMT, has sent students to the Turkish EMT Executive Board for the first time.

Unique in TRNC

Established in 2005, EMT stands out as the first and only Industrial Engineering-related legal entity that aims to bring together the Industrial Engineering and Management Engineering student clubs in Turkey and Cyprus. Having been growing steadily since its establishment, it hosts Industrial Engineering Societies from 15 universities. EMU Industrial Engineering Student Club is one of the founding members of the society and is the only student club on the island that is a member of the society. Among the objectives of EMT are to enable Industrial Engineering and Management Engineering students to face the challenges of business life through various events and competitions, and to gain knowledge and experience about possible problems they may encounter in their business life, the projects they will be involved in and the crises they will have to manage. 

Admission To The Most Famous Universities In The World

According to the information given by EMU Industrial Engineering Department Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökhan İzbırak, contrary to popular belief, Industrial Engineers and Business Engineers are not only employed in factories, but also in the service sector (consulting, transportation, telecommunication, energy, logistics, finance, banking, hospitals, education, software, tourism, brand management, marketing, human resources, etc.), construction, oil, gas, mining companies, and contribute to companies to offer more and better quality products and services with less expenditure.

The Industrial Engineering program, which provides its students with the opportunity to receive a Mechanical Engineering or Business Administration diploma in addition to their Industrial Engineering diploma with Double Major programs, also has the ABET accreditation (, which only 5 universities in Turkey have. Graduates of the department, who have been working as managers in national and international companies that have become brands in the manufacturing, service and construction sectors since 1998, are also admitted to postgraduate programs in the most famous universities of the world such as
MIT and Cambridge.