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EMU Provides Free Food Service to Students Residing at Dormitories

EMU Provides Free Food Service to Students Residing at Dormitories
Published Date: Friday, 10 April 2020

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), continues its efforts without interruption in all areas in a healthy, effective and efficient manner, in order to manage the crisis that has arisen due to the Corona Virus Outbreak, that continues on a global scale. In this context, the aid mobilization activities initiated by the EMU Rector's Office for EMU students continue with great solidarity and dedication.

EMU Tabldot is Taking Action

EMU Rectorate Tabldot restauarant has become funtional again. During this process, all permissions were obtained from the necessary authorities, with all of the disinfection works of the restaurant carried out meticulously, necessary information given to the working personnel, health tests carried out, and all of the necessary tools provided, in short, all hygiene and health precautions have been taken. These measures will continue to be carried out meticulously during this process. After all the precautions were taken, carefully prepared menus under the supervision of EMU dieticians and scientists will be made available at the Tabldot restaurant. In this context, 350-500 portions of meals will be distributed daily to our students who are still residing in the dormitories, free of charge. Again, as a requirement of the process we are currently in, the students will not be admitted to the EMU Tabldot restaurant, with the meals being served to the students in hygienic packages by the EMU Dormitories Directorate.

The Support of the Volunteer Group Continues

As well as the free meals distribution, free food, cleaning and hygiene supplies continue to be provided to our students inside and outside of the campus. Alongside a committee created by the EMU Rectorate that includes teaching staff experienced in the field of health, a group of volunteers, consisting of approximately 15 people, including academic and administrative staff and students of EMU, continue to distribute cleaning and food materials donated by individuals and institutions or provided by our university, to students in need, on and off the campus, while ensuring they adhere to all health and hygiene rules. During this process, more than 5,000 food packages have been distributed to students living in dormitories at the EMU campus or staying in different parts of the city.

Charitable People and Organizations in Solidarity with EMU

During this process, as the EMU family, we are in great cooperation with our academic and administrative staff, students and alumni. Also; EMU-SEN, EMU-BIR-SEN, EMU-PER-SEN, EMU-KOOP, Cyprus Foundations Administration (EVKAF), Ministry of National Education, Red Crescent, Prime Ministry, Cyprus Turkish Municipalities Union, Municipalities, Mukhtars, and many charitable institutions and organizations, volunteer business people, local producers and charities, in total, we have received support from more than 40 people, institutions and organizations, and we continue to receive them. We hereby would like to extend our endless thanks to everyone who has contributed to us in maintaining the process we are in.