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EMU’s Support Towards Students Increasingly Continues

EMU’s Support Towards Students Increasingly Continues
Published Date: Sunday, 19 April 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak that continues on a global scale, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) continues to work in every field without interruption in order to manage the crisis in a healthy, effective and efficient manner, and in this scope, the assistance provided to EMU students by the EMU Rectorate was announced with devotion and solidarity. This mobilization continues increasingly and the EMU Rectorate continues to work without reduction in speed. At the same time, while the Eastern Mediterranean University has provided food, cleaning and hygiene materials to students in need, both on and off the campus, the university has also provided free meals to students residing at EMU dormitories by making the Table d’Hote restaurant functional again, taking all the hygiene and health measures necessary in doing so..

The Capacity of the Table d’Hote Restaurant has been Increased

With a new decision taken by our Rectorate, the capacity of the Table d’Hote restaurant has been increased. In this context, the increase in capacity not only allows for the free meals distribution to be provided to the students residing at the EMU dormitories, but for other students in need residing in private dormitories also. Meals are served to students' doors in hygienic packages by EMU Dormitories. Based on the principle of "There is Abundance in EMU’s Kitchen, Have Salt Ready in Your Kitchen", business people, institutions and individual charitable people in the region and people and institutions from different parts of the island support our kitchen. This solidarity makes us stronger. The value of giving hands and being a family becomes more evident in these days.

Help Continues Increasingly

Due to the crisis EMU today tries to provide support to more than 6,000 students. For this reason the university utilises all of its resources in an
effective, efficient and sustainable manner. It is at this point the help given to our university is extremely valuable. From the day our support campaign began to this day, our help to our students have continually increased. We will become stronger if these contributions continue. In this context, we would like to thank all the benevolent institutions and individuals who have contributed to our university in particular. Initially, the Rectorate of our University prepared 2,700 aid packages for our students, and later a further 2,000, and for the free meals to be possible, all the necessary organisation was made in the kitchen. The volunteer group of EMU's academic and administrative staff and students strives to be more active every day. In addition, our graduates are in great cooperation with our university also.

Thank You to All involved in Salt in the Kitchen

During this process, we are in receipt of support from a number of institutions and benevolent business people. EMU-SEN, EMU-BİR-SEN, EMU-PER-SEN, EMU-KOOP, did not withold their support from us. They have displayed a great unity by being giving for our students. The names of the benevolent people and establishments that have provided support are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • Ahmet Doğan, Kocareis Restaurant
  • Ahmet Kunter, Kunter Pharmacy
  • Ahmet Noyan, Nazan Noyan, Noyanlar Group
  • Akgöl Ltd.
  • Ali Erülkü, ERÜLKÜ Market
  • Bircan Foods
  • Biren Farming
  • Burçin Döveç, Döveç Group 
  • Cemal Buruk 
  • EMU ALFAM Dormitories
  • Dardanel
  • Dörtyol Sports Club
  • Ekor 
  • Emre Ergen, Ünimar Market
  • Engin Halkseven 
  • Engin Yüksekbaş ve Bülent Yüksekbaş, Yüksekbaş Foods, 
  • Erdal Özcenk 
  • Erdoğan Kilim, Er-Pa
  • Erhan Karataş, CL Café
  • Ey-Kan Unlu Products
  • Fikri Ataoğlu, 
  • Fuat Eğelioğlu, 
  • Famagusta Shipyard Owners
  • Famagust Public Hospital 
  • Gökhan Gazioğlu
  • Gönül Acaroğlu
  • Gürkan Gazioğlu- Gürpınar Water
  • Gürsel Uzun, Uzun Group
  • Hakan Altuner, ASBAN 
  • Hakan Arsal, Arsal Foods
  • Hakan Öksüz
  • Halil Kartal ve Oğulları
  • Haluk Levent ve Ahbaplar Groups
  • Hasan Öksüz 
  • Hediyem Water
  • Hüseyin Umay, Umay Group
  • İbrahim Benter
  • İlarma Market and Bakery
  • İlker Edip, Beyarmudu Municipality 
  • İsmail Arter, Gazimağusa Municipality
  • Kaner Group
  • Kasap Mehmet Güder
  • Turkish Cypriot Teachers Syndicate 
  • Kıbrıs Vakıflar İdaresi (EVKAF)
  • Kırnı -Hacı Ali
  • Redcross
  • TRNC Primeminister
  • TRNC Başbakanlık Müsteşarı, Suat Yeldener
  • TRNC Presidency
  • TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture
  • TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture - Nazım Çavuşoğlu
  • TRNC Ministry of Education and Vulture, Higher Education and Foreign Affairs Department Director Ziya Öztürkler
  • TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture, Education Joint Services Department Manager Cengiz Topel Uzun
  • Latifoğlu Ltd
  • Mahmut Özçınar, Turkish Cypriot Municipality Union
  • Maraş Area Prodocers 
  • Mehmet Doğan 
  • Mehmet Eziç, Eziç Restaurant, 
  • Mehmet Gazioğlu
  • Mehmet Kasap Ltd. 
  • Mehmet Seven 
  • Metgin Ltd. 
  • Meysu 
  • Mez Koop Bank, 
  • Musa Cura, Umut Ticaret (Cura Soğuk Hava Deposu)
  • Mustafa Damcıoğlu
  • Mustafa Gürler 
  • Mustafa Uluçay 
  • Mustafa Zorlu, Maraş, Reeve of Harika Area 
  • Mücahit Kaya, Famagusta Municipality
  • Narin Unlu Products 
  • Niyazi Sanal, AKOL Group,
  • Orçun Butchers
  • Özgür Mesaryalı, 
  • Pamukkale Bakery 
  • Salih Yalınca, Yalınca Bakery
  • Sandras Café 
  • Vegetable and Fruit Basket 
  • Semra Ltd
  • Senar Gökçe
  • Seyit San 
  • Civil Defense Organization
  • Sonuç Zorlu 
  • Sultan Buffet
  • Sunat Atun, A & S Atun Ltd. 
  • Şevket Hançerli 
  • Türkay Hocanın, Mis Yoghurts
  • Yapım İnşaat Müteahhitlik
  • Yeni Çağ Market 
  • Yonpaş Orman Products
  • Yücel Doğan – Rioverde 
  • Zehra Çevikel

As a result, many benevolent institutions and establishments, volunteer business people, local producers and aid agencies have given us support and continue to. Thank you to everyone in Salt in the Kitchen.