ITEC 321

Today, many web publishers use Web-based content management systems (WCMS) to allow them to instantly and dynamically update web pages and properties as new content become available so that every visit to a site is engaging, informative, and meaningful. This course explores the uses of the most popular open-source web-based content management systems. Participants explore the fundamentals of planning dynamic websites, CMS database management, developing CSS-controlled site templates, and creating database-driven websites through the planning and creation of their own topic-based sites. 

Course Outline

Lecture Notes




The deadline for Final Project is on the 6th of Sept.  You must host your website and write a short report about your website (sample report), then send the website link and the softcopy of your report to my email. (


The makeup exam WILL TAKE PLACE on the 20th of JAN, Monday, at 12:00, CT124 classroom!! Students are responsible for chapters 1-4. 


Dear students the midterm responsible topics are Lectures 1-2-3-4. The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions and true/false statements. You are required to use a pencil to fill the optic form and you MUST bring your STUDENTS ID card to the exam.