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Published Date: Sunday, 11 October 2020
About the Learning Management System;
Dear Students,
On starting a new academic year, I wish you all a successful academic period filled with health.
As you know, we will be conducting the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester in an online format.
🔹During the current semester to be conducted online,
1. You will be using the ‘MS Teams’ desktop or smart phone application which can be downloaded from the web via or
2. You will have access to course resources or materials by entering the Learning Management System available at (Moodle).
3. While using these applications, we will communicate with each other via our e-mail accounts at , by using the ‘Chat’ section of MS Teams and the messaging option in ‘Moodle’
We will access all these applications through using our Office 365 accounts.
Office 365 student accounts are in the format of . Most of you have probably used these accounts to enter MS Teams, to take the English Proficiency Test or to access your EMU e-mail account.
If you encounter any problems to do with your password, please send a mail from your private e-mail account to or your department’s system administrator. They will contact you at their earliest convenience.
🔹We have prepared two short videos regarding the use of the aforesaid applications.
We kindly to advise you to spare a couple of minutes and watch them.
1. How to use MS Teams and MS Outlook (E-mail) Please click
2. How to access (Moodle) System Please click
We will be sending you further informative messages at certain intervals.
They will send the present announcement and further messages to your MS Office e-mail accounts. Hence, we advise you to check your accounts frequently.
We wish you all healthy days and a successful semester.