Curriculum Vitae

Position Senior Instructor
Academic Career
Appointment University Year
PHD. (Tourism Managament) Eastern Mediterranean University 2013-present
MSc. (Information Systems) Eastern Mediterranean University 2002
BSc. (Computer and Information Technology) Eastern Mediterranean University 1997
Dcp (Computer Technology ) Eastern Mediterranean University 1995
Position Employer Period Employed
Part Time Research and Teaching AssistantEMU, SCT1997 – 1998
Part Time InstructorEMU, SCT1997 – 2003
Instructor EMU, SCT2003 – 2004
Senior InstructorEMU, SCT2004 – present
Coordinator, Department of Computer ProgrammingEMU, SCT2007 – present
Information Tecjnology
EMU, SCT2017 - present
Cooperation with industry over the past five years

Supervised Graduation Projects:


  1. Online Magazine
  2. Pharmacy Stock Program
  3. Car Station Project
  4. Department Time Table Arrangement
  5. E-Commerce
Publications / Congress / Book


A. Oday, Ş. İlkan, "Does Facebook e-Referral influence institutional brand trust and enrolment decisions among educational tourists'?", International EMI Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Congress, Cyprus Social Sciences University, 27-29 April 2018, Nicosia


A.Oday, "Influence of e-WOM and Facebook e-Referral on Institutional Image and Educational Tourists' Enrollment Intentions", 9. Tourism Graduate Students Research Congress, Eastern Mediterranean University, 05-08 April 2018, Famagusta

International Book

A.Öztüren, A.Oday, E.Güzel, S. N. Elidemir, N.Malazizi, T.T.Lasisi, M. Ertaç, A.Soosan, S.Rahimizhian, E.İnce, "Issues and Influences in Tourism", CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition, 2018

Internantional Paper

Abubakar Mohammed Abubakar, Belal Hamed Taher Shneikat, Akile Oday, "Motivational factors for educational tourism: A case study in Northern Cyprus", Tourism Management Perspectives, 2014 – Elsevier, Volume 11, Pages 58–62

Conference Paper

Mustafa İlkan, Akile Yuvka, "Energy Production and Environmental Pollution in Northern Cyprus", Lefke European University, 3rd FAE International Symposium, 25-26 November 2004.

Participation in specialist organisations over the past five years
Organization Position Period Held
University Curriculum CommitteeMember2005 - present