1-Behzad Heidarshenas (Characterization of 304 Stainless Steel cladding by (Ti/Cr)C through TI) 2018- Supervisor: Assist.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Asmael, Co-Supervisor: Pro.Dr. Ghulam Husain

2- Hamed Hosseingholi Pourasl (Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Material Removal Rate, Surface Roughness, and Tool Wear Ratio in Electrical Discharge Machining) 2019- Supervisor :Assoc.Prof.Dr. NERİMAN ÖZADA, Co-Supervisor: Assist.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Asmael

3- VAHID M. KHOJASTEHNEZHAD (Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Al 6061 /Al2O3-TiB2 Hybrid Nano-Composite layer Produced via Friction Stir Processing Using Optimized Process Parameter) 2019- Supervisor :Assoc.Prof.Dr. NERİMAN ÖZADA, Co-Supervisor: Assist.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Asmael