Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae




Şevket Kadir Street, Lapta, Girne, North Cyprus

Office: 0392-630-2920




  • Ph.D.   Eastern Mediterranean University (E.M.U.) - North Cyprus , Educational Studies 2012
  • M.A.    Eastern Mediterranean University (E.M.U.) - North Cyprus , ELT (English Language Teaching)   1999
  • B.A.     Eastern Mediterranean University (E.M.U.) - North Cyprus, English Language and Literature   1996
  • COTE  Cambridge Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English     2002
  • LCCI    Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English       2005
  • SEFIC  Examiner Certificate     2005



  • Senior Instructor, Lecturer, Educational Sciences Department, Faculty of Education, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus, 2007– present.
  • Senior Instructor, English Teacher of General English, Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (FLEPS), Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus, 1998 – present.


  • ZEEG 306        Topluma Hizmet Uygulamaları     2016-2017 Spring
  • EDUC 307       Turkish Education System and School Administration 2015-2016 Spring
  • ENGL 108       English for Culinary Arts II        
  • EGIT 321         Sınıf Yönetimi   2015-2016 Fall
  • THM 486          Community Based Services Learning       2015-2016 Fall
  • EGIT 215         Öğretim İlke ve Yöntemleri 2014—2015 Spring
  • EGIT 112         Eğitim Psikolojisi 2014-2015 Fall
  • RECM 212        Event and Programme Planning  2014-2015 Fall
  • ENGL 107       Communication Skills for Tourism Industry 2014-2015 Fall
  • RECM 211        Sports and Recreation Operations 2013-2014 Spring
  • ENGL 105       Communication Skills for Tourism and Recreation industry I 2013-2014 Spring
  • EGIT 112         Eğitim Psikolojisi  2013-2014 Spring
  • RPDA 417        Topluma Hizmet Uygulamaları    2013-2014 Fall
  • LSRM 235         Leisure Sports and Recreation Operation 2012 – 2013 Spring


  • Course organizer for the School of Foreign Languages 1999-Present
  • Member of working group for the development of an English language Curriculum at EMU         2000
  • Course Coordinator  2000-2016
  • Curriculum Development Committee 2002
  • Academic Organizer 2003-Present
  • Higher National Diploma Committee     2003
  • Social Support Fund Committee 2004
  • Strategic Planning Committee   2004
  • Rebecca Administrator - Eastern Mediterranean University, School of Tourism and Hospitality  Management,  Administrator of Rebecca, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Training and Education Center  2008-2011
  • Advisor- Community Service Club  2007-Present
  • School of Tourism School Board  2006, 2008, 2009
  • Coordinator and instructor for EMU  English Summer School for 5-12  children 2012
  • Member of the Continuous Education Center Advisory Board 2012-2015
  • FL EPS Research Advisory Committee 2012-Present
  • Testing Coordinator for MLD Tourism 2012-Present
  • Coordinator for EMU Language Camp for Turkey Region  2012-2014
  • Executive Board, Community Involvement Center  2012-Present
  • Coordinator for designing a Web page for Community Involvement Center 2013-Present
  • TV Programs:  
  • Tourism Week and Community Service   Ada TV  by  Haluk Doğandor-2012
  • Continuous education center Summer Schools Ada Tv  by Gözde Akben-2013
  • Community Service Projects   EMU TV   by Barış Başel-2014



Human Rights by Eric Hellicar, Peace Activist,  Emu Tourism Faculty, 2018

Human Rights, by Mete Hatay, PRIO Cyprus Center, EMU , 2017

How to integrate thinking skills into ELT, Alan MacKenzie, MacMillan Education Specialist, EMU, 2017

Academic Culture and Critical Thinking-Academic Skills,  Tony Prince (Director of NILE). EMU, 2017

How to integrate technology into language classrooms, Semih İrfaner, MacMillan Education Specialist, EMU, 2016

Trends and New Directions in Language Teaching and Learning, Thom Kiddle, Norwich Institute for Language Education, 2016

Stratejik  bir güç olarak  KKTC'de  inanç turizmi; Yapılanlar, Yapılması gerekenler üzerine bir değerlendirme   Prof. Dr. Ulvi Keser  Vth Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium Salamis  Gazi Mağusa 2016

Etkinliklerin Sınıflandırılması Üzerine Kavramsal bir Çalışma  Ali Dalgıç, Prof. Dr. Kemal Birdir Vth Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium Salamis  Gazi Mağusa 2016

Athlete Branding Thomas Van Schaik  Sosyal Medya ve Marka Haftası  DAÜ  2016

Private Versus Public Sector in your corners by Amal El Alami  Sosyal Medya ve Marka Haftası  DAÜ  2016

Value of Structured Written Descriptive Feedback to Improve Students' Learning –

Co-creation Experience in Higher Education?  by Ngat-Chin, Lim  2013

Adding the Third and Fourth Languages in the Curriculum: Teaching French and Chinese in an International Program on Tourism and Hospitality by Sudawadee Chanpiwat and Lavanchawee Sujarittanonta  2013

Globally networked Learning for Intercultural Competence: A Collaboration between Courses in Lebanon and the United States by Ina A. P. Issa, Susan Coultrap-McQuin  2013

Consequences of Multiple Intelligences Theory and Technological Tools Use in Teaching/Learning Contexts by Özlem Zabitgil  2013

Building a brand of a higher education institution in Poland - analysis of the research results by

Katarzyna Szczepanska-Woszczyna  Zdzislawa Dacko-Pikiewicz     2013

In-service training program on instructional planning by Yar. Doc. Canan Perkan EMU  2013

In-service training program on evaluating learning by Yar. Doc. Canan Perkan  EMU  2013

First Aid by Gazimagosa Civil Defence    EMU    2010

Bilişsel Alan Hedeflerinin Sınıflandırılması ve bunlara Uygun Soru Yazılımı by Nazan Richards

EMU    2010

Pilgrims Testing Workshop, by Susan Davies 2009

Kemer Underwater Days Presentations  KEMER  2009

Involvement Projects, seminar given by Tara C. Hopkins from Sabanci University    2007

'Me' and 'Them' or Me and My students: How to get there?, seminar given by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Konrot, EMU 2006

An Effective approach to instruction: Active Learning, seminar given by Prof. Dr. Bekir OzerEMU   2006

Web Page Design, workshop given by, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Amca EMU 2005

SEFIC New Examiner Training Workshop EMU 2005

LCCI Training   EMU    2005

International Conference on Education   GAU    2005

Motivation and Learning, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management  EMU    2004

Motivation and Learning, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management  EMU    2004

Strategic Planning Workshop, Management Centre, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management EMU    2004

Awareness Raising on testing Procedures, School of Foreign Languages      EMU    2004

Writing Letters of Confirmation, School of Foreign Languages       EMU    2003

How to design and work effectively with web quests, School of Foreign Languages  EMU    2003

How to exploit a reading text lexically, School of Foreign Languages  EMU  2003

How to administer a speaking text in Modern Languages Division(Tourism), School of Foreign Languages     EMU    2002

Computers and Teacher Development Training, School of Foreign Languages  EMU  2001

The planning and delivery of an academic presentation      EMU    2001

Exploiting PowerPoint for an academic presentation   EMU  2001

Consultancy visit and workshop by John Clegg     EMU    2001

MLD Semi-Intensive Course in Teaching English for Academic purposes   EMU    2001


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    Paper Presentation and Conference Proceedings:

  • Ruso, Nazenin & Altinay, Mehmet (2009), "Community based Service-Learning; The Case of School of Tourism, North Cyprus". The 4th International Conference on Services Management. Managing Services Across Continents; Oxford Brooks University  2009

  • Ruso, Nazenin & Altinay, Mehmet (2012). "Facilitating Vocational Skills of Tourism Students Through Community Based Service-Learning Projects". International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Education. Salamis; Gazi Magosa.  2012

  • Ruso, Nazenin (2012). "Awareness Raising in Higher Education Through Community Based Service-Learning Projects. International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Education". Salamis; Gazi Magosa.  2012

  • Ruso, Nazenin (2013). "Impact of project based learning on students' intercultural communication and adaptation in higher education". The sixth international conference on services management. Acapulco: Girne.  2013


    Research Interests

  • Community Based Service Learning
  • Educational Programs and Teaching
  • Instructional Design
  • Task Based Learning




  • - Evening Courses for Government Teachers and UN Soldiers       2001
  • - Evening Courses for TOEFL    2002-2003
  • Coordinator of the following Community Services:


  • SOS Children Village New Year Party at the village 2005
  • Planting for University    2005
  • A New year Organization for Halk Vakfı Çamlık Köşk at their house  2005
  • Fasıl Organization for Halk Vakfı Çamlık Köşk at Palm Beach Hotel- 2006
  • A field trip and historical tour followed by a picnic in Bedis for SOS children village 2006
  • A New Year Organization at Crystal Rocks for Halk Vakfı Çamlık Köşk- 2007
  • A Cultural Organization for SOS Children Village and Youth House at Jasmine Court Hotel


  • Joining three Generations together Organization for Halk Vakfı Çamlık Köşk, SOS Children Village and Youth House at Kaya Artemis 2008
  • A fancy-dress New Year Organization for SOS Youth House at Majestic Beach Hotel 2008
  • A Diving Training for SOS Youth House at Palm Beach  2008
  • A Recreational Organization for Special Children in Magosa Özel Eğitim Merkezi    2008
  • A Circumcision Organization for Poor children at Rebecca  2009
  • A Summer Organization for SOS Youth House and Halk Vakfı Çamlık Köşk at Salamis 2009
  • A Youth Festival including tournaments for SOS Youth House at King's Leisure Center  2010
  • Padi Project Aware for Beach and Underwater Cleanup with College Students at Beach Club 2011
  • Historical Tour of Salamis and Youth Camp for SOS 2011
  • Football Tournament for SOS Youth at Beach Club  2011
  • New Year Ball for SOS Children Village at Zali Restaurant  2012
  • Recreation Day for Ozen Huzurevi at the Beach Club  2013          
  • Cultural Day at SOS Lefkosa     2013      
  • Football Tournament EMU-SOS at Beach Club    2013
  • Blood Donation Campaign ın EMU 2013
  • Orthopedically handicapped workshop wıth assocıatıon and Dr. Hakan Dinçyürek   2013
  • Making a garden for Şehit Zeki Salih İlkokulu 2014
  • Celebration of Mother's Day in Mağusa Retirement Houses 2014
  • Cleaning the Beaches Project for Mağusa Region  2014
  • 9th Annual SOS Children Cultural Festival at Beach Club   2014
  • 4th Beach Football Tournament with EMU_SOS Youth at Beach Club       2014
  • Recreation Day for Mağusa Special Education Center at their instutition      2014
  • All people Hand in hand Project- Tüm İnsanlar Elele Projesi (Gazimağusa Özel Eğitim Merkezine ait mum satışlarında ve SOS Çocuk Köyü yararına düzenlenmiştir)   2015
  • EMU Foreign Studenta and Gazimağusa Special Education Center students Music and dance Festival at EMU Congress Center (DAÜ'lü Yabancı öğrenciler ve  Gazi Mağusa Özel Eğitim Merkezi  Öğrencileri Ortak Dans ve Müzik Şöleni) 2015
  • Wheelchair Project-Celebrate Christmas while putting some smiles on people's faces (Tekerlekli Sandalyeler- Christması kutlarken bir Gülümsemeye de Sen Sebep Ol Projesi) 2015
  • Environmental Project  (Çevre Projesi- Huzurevine Özel Bahçe Yapımı)     2015
  • New Year organization for Retirement House (Özen Huzurevi Yeni Yıl Organizasyonu)       2015
  • Suuporting Animal Shelter through Astrology project (Hayvan Barınağına Destek Verelim-Astoloji Projesi)    2015
  • Supporting Van Primary School's eartquake survivor students ('Kalem Tutan Minik Eller Üşümesin' - Van Başkale Yavrucak Köyü İlkokulunun kırtasiye ihtiyaçlarına yardım etmek amaçlı düzenlenen proje)     2015
  • Making Kobani kids who immigrated to Urfa because of war happy-Kobani'den Urfaya savaştan dolayı göç eden çocuklara rekreasyon etkinliği      2015
  • Helping the disadvantaged kids living in Adana-Adana'da yaşayan maddi sıkıntıları olan çocuklara yönelik kırtasiye yardımı ve rekreasyon günü         2015
  • Make a Wish Project for elderly people (Dilek Tut Projesi-Yaşlıların isteklerini yerine getirmeye yönelik projeler)            2015
  • Renovating the zoo in Gazimağusa-
  • Mağusada bulunan hayvanat bahçesinin bakım, onarım, ve çiçeklendirilmesi 2015
  • Recreation day for Lapta Retirement House by Gastronomy students-Lapta Huzurevi Sakinlerine Yönelik Gastronomi öğrencileri tarafından Düzenlenen Rekreasyon günü    2015
  • Painting Çağlayan House for Homeless kids and helping their needs in terms of hygiene and food
  • Çağlayan Çocuk yuvasının boya ihtiyaçlarına, yiyecek ve temizlık ihtiyaçlarına destek 2015
  • 4th Beach Football Tournament with EMU_SOS Youth at Beach Club       2015
  • Cultural day for Şehit Zeki Salih İlkokulu with foreign students of EMU     2015
  • Awareness raising project-flashmob for museum week at Namık Kemal square with EMU foreign students 2015
  • Buying houses for dogs and selling calendars and submitting the collected money to help animal shelter in Mağusa and arranging a workshop with a foreign volunteer lady from shelter to meet with EMU tourism students      2015
  • New Year Entertainment with Iranian Students at Özen Retirement House 2015
  • Painting, cleaning and renovating the Mağusa zoo 2015
  • Making a garden for the Mağusa Special Education Center with  group of African students   2015
  • New year ball for SOS Children Village and Çağlayan Orphans' House at EMU Beach Club with foreign students           
  • Mother's day Organization for the elderly living in Halk Vakfı 2016
  • Colouring hair of the elderly woman for Mothers' Day  in Özen Huzurevi   2016
  • Celebrating children's day with orphans living in Çağlayan at Merit Lefkoşa with EMU foreign students        
  • Feeding street dogs project in İskele and Mağusa and advertising the shelter through a brochure design          2016
  • 5th Beach Football Tournament with EMU_SOS Youth at Beach Club 2016
  • Opening a new room for Mağusa Hospital for mothers to feed their new born babies, 2017
  • Opening an exhibition to display homeless SOS children drawings at MALL, 2017
  • 6th Beach Football Tournament with EMU_SOS Youth at Beach Club 2017
  • A cultural night with Özel Eğitim Merkezi and EMU students to collect money to raise fund for buying bicycles for Özel Eğitim students under the campaign named 'Every school should have bicycles' at EMU Congress Center
  • Drawing day and entertaining day for SOS children at EMU beach club, 2017
  • Reading and recording books for blind people registered  in 'KKTC Görme Engelliler Kütüphanesi', Lefkoşa, 2017
  • Organizing a seminar for Human Rights, by Mete Hatay, PRIO Cyprus Center, EMU , 2017
  • Organizing a trip for foreign students to Karmi and Statue of Liberty in Alsancak, 2017
  • Organizing a march at Kyrenia Harbour for raising voice on human rights day, 2017
  • Celebrating 'international tea day' bu hosting students of Şehit  Hüseyin Akil Primary School in faculty of tourism,  2018
  • Organizing a seminar for Human Rights by Eric Hellicar, Peace Activist,  Emu Tourism Faculty, 2018
  • World Peace Day, organizing a day for refugee kids from Syria and Plaestine , buying their needs and entertaining them at a dinner at Lefkoşa Maysa Café, May 2018
  • Organizing a march against racism,  May 2018