Prof. Dr. Hasan AMCA

Ph.D. Mobile/Wireless Communications


High Capacity Terrestrial Video Broadcasting over LTE/LTE-A/B4G Networks, High Capacity Wireless Communications Systems Design Employing Small Cells, Channel Estimation and Detection for DVB-T/S/H Systems, Integration of WSN and Cloud Computing for SVTS (Smart Vehicular Traffic Surveillance), Health Concerns of Cellular Wireless/Mobile Communication Systems, Mobile Phone as a Secure Micro Payment Tool, Reading Aid for Visually Impaired People, Channel Modelling and Signal Detection in High-Speed Robotics Communications Systems in 3D, Microwave Wireless Power Transmission System, Wireless Power Transmission System to Energize Wireless Sensors, Small Cell Cellular Mobile/Wireless Communications Systems, Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Where All Sensors are Moving in A Random Pattern.