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EMU Engineering Faculty Develops A Device Presenting The Spread Of The Virus

EMU Engineering Faculty Develops A Device Presenting The Spread Of The Virus
Published Date: Friday, 24 September 2021

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Engineering Faculty vice Dean Assist. Prof. Dr. Davut Solyalı created a device prototype resembling a virus in order to prevent the spread of the virus during these difficult times affecting the whole word. The device, which breaks down the DNA structure of the virus through UVC rays, completely purifies a classroom of 80 square meters from the virus within a maximum of 20 minutes. Such devices, which are produced with a very mature and proven technology, are used in many countries, especially in hospitals.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Davut Solyalı

Being used in hospitals around the world, especially in intensive care and/or operating rooms, this technological device has been adapted for use in classrooms. It is thought that the device, which was developed in the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering by completely using the resources of EMU, can be used in many areas in our country. It is produced with a technology that has the capacity to disinfect an average classroom in a certain period of time in universities, high schools, secondary schools and primary schools. In face-to-face training, it is foreseen that the cleaning to be done by using chemicals required at certain intervals will be minimized and a healthier environment can be provided.

One Hundred Percent Home Production

Explaining the working principles of the device in a practical way, Assist. Prof. Dr. Solyalı said: “In order to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which threatens the world, the countries of the world are applying various protection measures. While chemical sterilization is applied especially in indoors within the scope of the measures, many countries resort to alternative disinfection methods due to the side effects arising from chemical use.

Disinfection which is done through ultraviolet (UV-C) light without the need for any chemicals, leaves no residue and it is a method used for disinfection of liquid, air and surfaces. It is generally used for disinfection of work surface and ambient air. Within this context, we produced a UV-C ventilation disinfection device prototype within the body of the Faculty of Engineering.


The device creates air circulation in the closed room where it is installed. During circulation, "dirty" air containing viruses and / or bacteria, etc. passes through the device and is exposed to intense UVC radiation. DNA structures of viruses and other organisms exposed to sufficient doses of radiation are disrupted and their reproduction is both prevented and rendered ineffective.

The device, which can be controlled with a remote control, is mounted in the room by hanging it at a certain height from the ceiling. It does not need any maintenance other than dust filter replacement, which is very cost-effective and it does not use any chemical materials.

Since the device does not transmit harmful radiation, it can be used safely in any environment. The engineering of the device was carried out within the framework of the USA Ventilation and Disinfection Standards and, its production was carried out in EMU laboratories using local materials and facilities. It is domestic production therefore it is much lower cost than its counterparts in other countries.