Research Students Supervised

I am currently supervising or co-supervising three PhD students:

  • SUNDAY SIMON ISAH, PhD student 2020  present at EMU; originally from Nigeria. Co-supervised with Prof. Mehmet Ali Ozarslan. He is working on bivariate fractional integral operators with kernels given by analytic functions. His preliminary thesis title is "Bivariate Versions of Fractional Calculus with General Analytic Kernels".

  • YILDIZ GUZOGLU YUCEL, PhD student 2020 present at EMU; originally from North Cyprus. Co-supervised with Prof. Nazim Mahmudov. She is currently starting to work on fractional calculus operators with Sonine kernels. Her preliminary thesis title is "Fractional Differential Equations with Sonine Kernels".

  • WALAA YASIN, PhD student 2021 – present at EMU; originally from Palestine. She is currently starting to work on the intersection between fractional calculus and complex analysis.

I have also supervised or co-supervised six research students previously:

  • CHAIMA BOUZOUINA, PhD student 2018 – 2021 at EMU; originally from Algeria. She worked on fractional versions of the operators of complex analysis such as complex d-bar derivatives, and also on the asymptotics of recently defined bivariate Mittag-Leffler functions motivated by applications in rheological bioengineering. Her thesis title was "The Interplay between Fractional Calculus and Complex Analysis", and she completed her defence on 9 September 2021.

  • HAFIZ MUHAMMAD FAHAD, PhD student 2020 – 2023 at EMU; originally from Pakistan. He worked on various aspects of fractional calculus with respect to functions: a modified Laplace transform and its applications, using Mikusiński's operational calculus to solve ordinary differential equations, weighted operators and their conjugation relations, etc. His thesis title was "Generalised Operational Calculus Approach for Fractional Differential Equations", and he completed his defence on 17 May 2023.

  • NOOSHEZA RANI, PhD student 2019 2023 at EMU; originally from Pakistan. She working on Mikusiński's operational calculus in various settings: Prabhakar fractional derivatives of RiemannLiouville, Caputo, and Hilfer types, general analytic kernels, and fractional partial differential operators. Her thesis title was "Mikusiński's Operational Calculus for Prabhakar Fractional Calculus", and she completed her defence on 12 June 2023.

  • IBRAHIM ABDULLAHI SALEH, master's student 2020 – 2021 at EMU; originally from Nigeria. He worked on both Mikusiński's operational calculus and fractional Laplacians, and attempted to draw a connection between these two topics. His thesis title was "Mikusinski’s Operational Calculus for Fractional Laplacians", and he completed his defence on 31 August 2021.

  • CIHAN GUDER, master's student 2021 – 2023 at EMU; originally from North Cyprus. Co-supervised with Asst. Prof. Neset Deniz Turgay. She worked on Clifford algebras and Clifford analysis, including fractional derivatives and fractal sets in the setting of Clifford analysis. Her thesis title was "Clifford Algebras and Clifford Analysis", and she completed her defence on 23 August 2023.

  • CHRISTIAN MAXIME STEVE OUMAROU, master's student 2019 – 2020 at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cameroon; originally from Cameroon. Co-supervised with Dr Jean-Daniel Djida. He worked on fractional calculus with analytic kernels with respect to functions, including series formulae and operational calculus with conjugation expressions. His thesis title was "Operational Calculus In General Models Of Fractional Calculus", and he completed his defence on 15 May 2020.

For other graduate students that I have supervised or co-supervised, without a research component, please see this page.