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EMU Unites Cultures Through a Magnificent Organisation

EMU Unites Cultures Through a Magnificent Organisation
Published Date: Thursday, 16 May 2019

The International Night 2019, one of the largest and most colourful cultural festivals of the Eastern Mediterranean University, was held at Famagusta Walled City Namık Kemal Square with the participation of thousands of students from 113 different countries. Bringing together students from different corners of the world, the event hosted cultural dances, songs and local cuisines of different cultures. Organised with the support of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Tourism and Environment and various cultural associations, the event provided a cultural platform bringing together students from different cultures.

Cem Tanova

Vice Rector for International Affairs and Promotion Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova delivered an opening address at the event in which he thanked all participants and sponsors for their support.

Traditional Outfits Garnered Interest

During the event, visitors had a chance to visit the stands of student societies of different countries. Whilst the local culture of different countries was promoted at the stands of the student societies, the event also hosted numerous dance performances. Dancing all through the night, students also had a chance to experience different cultures. The event also hosted the performances of  DJ Milad, DJ Aydın, folk dance shows by Cyprus Turkish Folk Dances groups and Turkey’s forlk dancing teams, Kian, the Congolese Students’ Society, Iranian Students’ Society, Pakistani Students’ Society, Ozi and Youngstar’s musical performance, a Latin Dance Show by EMU Dance Community, and local dance shows of the Chadian Students’ Society, Big 5, Palestinian Students’ Society, Nigerian Students’ Society, Jordanian Students’ Society, and Azerbaijani Students’ Society. 

The eent was held under the sponsorship of Ramen Dormitory, Akdeniz Dormitory, Alfam Dormitory, Golden Plus, Pop Art Dorm, Novel Center Point, Nural Dorm, New Form Gym, Palm Beach Hotel, Port View Hotel, Salamis Hotel, İtimat, Turkcell, Lala Mustafa Paşa Gym, Ekor, EMU-KOOP, Table D’Hote, Roof Restaurant, Happily, White Queen, Koton, Citymall, Bianchi Cafe, Yojo Cafe, Oriento Cafe, Solmaz, Gymaholic, Rouge 21, Deniz Plaza and Strike Zone.