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EMU Graduate Banu Akeloğlu’s Second Book is Now Available

EMU Graduate Banu Akeloğlu’s Second Book is Now Available
Published Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Architecture Faculty, Department of Industrial Engineering 2004 Fall Semester graduate Banu Akeloğlu’s second book titled “Göz Göz Göztepe” is now available at all bookstores in Turkey. The new novel which tells a story of football and love has received great interest and positive reviews since its release. The novel stands out as an enjoyable page-turner. Akeloğlu who hasn’t drifted apart from Cyprus recently visited the city she lived and studied in for six years before her book was released. Akeloğlu expressed her belief that regular visits to North Cyprus which she described as her “second home” bring her luck.

She Is Doing Her Dream Job

After graduating from EMU, Banu Akeloğlu started a career in the automotive sector working at ASEL Engineering in Nicosia. Furthering her career at a number of automotive companies in İstanbul, Akeloğlu started working for TEMSA in 2008. Since 2014, she has been working as a Purchasing Manager in TEMSA’s headquarters in her home town of Adana. At the same time Akeloğlu has managed to become a successful writer of detective stories.

The preface of the book includes the following remarks:

“I am from the South. I was born in Adana, in between the cotton fields of Çukurova! In this book you will read the story of Göztepe. Why and how come you may ask. The answer is simple. LOVE! Not love for a woman or a man but a love for passion, conflict and those who believe in joint futures. A love that was late to be acquainted with. But is isn’t easy to find love anyhow…How many times can a person feel love in their heart that leads to joyful tremors? This story is from the pen of a passionate person from Adana, with love to Göztepe and people from the place I love more than anywhere…”