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EMU Has Established a COVID-19 Awareness Committee

EMU Has Established a COVID-19 Awareness Committee
Published Date: Friday, 6 March 2020

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), has taken a number of precuations against COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus. Following an increase in the number of countries where COVID-19 has been detected, the “COVID-19 Awareness Committee” was established and activated to help protect all students and staff in the event the infection reaches the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). In the statement made by the COVID-19 Awareness Committee, information was given on the measures to be taken. It was stated by the committee that while no cases were detected in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus until March 2, 2020, the EMU COVID-19 Awareness Committee was still closely following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, while maintaining direct contact with the Ministry of Health.

Communal Areas are being Disinfected

The statement put forth that one of the most important ways to prevent and control infectious diseases, including COVID-19, is to use hand antiseptics, which are now being distributed on campus. While it was stated that disinfection of common areas (offices, conference rooms, laboratories, university buses, etc.) is regularly applied around the campus, the committee emphasized that training activities are planned for students and employees. The committee is currently in the process of creating educational brochures to raise awareness and provide information on COVID-19, to be distributed in public areas. In the statement made by the committee, it was stated that the definitions of suspect cases described by the TRNC Ministry of Health were provided and that they were well equipped for the detection of suspicious cases. The websites recommended by EMU COVID-19 Awareness Committee in order to obtain correct information are listed below: