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New Scholarship System from EMU

New Scholarship System from EMU
Published Date: Thursday, 6 August 2020

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) started a new student scholarship system as of the 23rd of July, 2020. According to the system, people, institutions or establishments will be able to provide scholarship opportunities under the name “Scholarship Providers” to students that have earned the right for receive education in the university but have financial difficulties, or to the students that are successful.

With the scope of this scholarship system, a Student Scholarship Contract Condition and Written Contract will be signed between EMU and parties who are to bear the educational costs of student(s) for an academic year or full scholarship covering the whole study period.

The statement made by the EMU Rector’s Office includes: “The cooperation of our university between people, institutions and establishments in order to provide scholarship opportunities for our students is an important and a valuable aspect for our university and students. We would like to present our gratitude for the importance shown to our youth who are the assurance for our future. Within this context, we would like to inform you regarding the student scholarship system that we recently initiated.”