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EMU Students Come Together with Elderly Citizens

EMU Students Come Together with Elderly Citizens
Published Date: Thursday, 25 January 2018

Another social responsibility project has taken place under the umbrella of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Community Involvement Centre. A meaningful social responsibility project was organized by students Sıla Babaliki, Qossay Shehadeh, Adeniyi Adanekan and Rukayat Adeshina within the scope of EMU Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising Department Vice Chair Asst. Prof. Dr. Umut Ayman’s Campaign course.

Elders at the Özen Senior Wellness Centre in Famagusta operating with the slogan ‘Elders need love as much as they need the sun’ were visited as part of the event sponsored by Halken. Trying to put a smile on the elders’ faces the EMU students sang songs, played the guitar and cut a cake providing enjoyable moments for the elderly citizens. Later, the elders were delivered presents according to their needs, bought with the money provided by Halken.

Sıla Babaliki, one of the students who brought about the project thanked the sponsor and everyone involved in the activity. “We need to devote some time to our elders in order to have fun together and make them smile. Simply spending some time with them is enough to make them happy.”