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Important Work Being Carried Out by Electric Vehicle Development Centre at EMU

Important Work Being Carried Out by Electric Vehicle Development Centre at EMU
Published Date: Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Vice Chair of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department and Mechatronics Program Coordinator Asst. Prof. Dr. Davut Solyalı answered questions on the newly formed Electric Vehicle Development Centre (EVDC) and its projects.

Can You Provide Some Information About The Electric Vehicle Development Center?

The Electric Vehicle Development Centre (EVDC) operating within the scope of EMU was founded with the aims of developing advanced electric vehicles and related technologies, incorporating them to the university and providing opportunities for bigger, more prestigious projects that will be developed in a sustainable structure. The center also aims to develop national and international collaborations as well as carry out research, application and development projects.

Can You Touch Upon Your Projects?

We started with a three wheeled bicycle project. In early 2017 we completed the ALIZAVRA project. During the same year we competed in Electromobile 2017 with our electric vehicle project Z-ZERO where we obtained our first international success. With ALIZAVRA we aimed to increase the awareness of engineering students in the university, leading to their involvement in such projects. I believe that we were successful. We are preparing for the Electromobile 2018 competition with the crew from the Z-ZERO electric vehicle project. Our new project is titled “MEDITERRANEAN SHARK”. All of our work and projects are progressing in line with the vision of EMU.

Can You Provide Some Information about the Electromobile 2018 competition?

The “Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle” is an annual competition for students organized by TÜBİTAK since 2005. With a variety of different challenges, the main objective of the competition is to increase the local production of gadgets that use alternative energy, develop products with high added value, increase the awareness of the participants and ensure that they follow the all the innovations regarding the field, support participants to gain experience and in this way, increase the country’s awareness on the use of the alternative energy sources. This year’s “Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle” competition will take place at the Kocaeli Gulf Race Track between 6 and 12 August 2018. We will be enhancing our design as we want to be in contention futher improving our performance from last year’s competition Electromobile 2017. We want to gain strength and obtain further  achievements at Electromobile 2018.

Can You Provide Some Information about Your Crew? What Could Be Done By Those Who Want To Join?

We have a very young and dynamic crew comprising of engineering students. We are planning to organize a special offer for those who want to join the team. We are going to ask those interested in joining the team to create a vehicle related project.  After jury evaluation we plan to add to the team those successful in the categories of Mechanics, Electrical-Electronic, Mechatronics, Computer Programming and Design. We will be releasing a statement on the matter very soon.

Can You Provide Some Information about the Team and “Mediterranean Shark”?

Our team’s name is “ADA” and our electric vehicle is “Mediterranean Shark”. “Mediterranean Shark” was designed, developed and produced in EMU laboratories through the university’s own means.

As the only participating institution from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, EMU will take part in the new ‘Autonomous Vehicle Category’ of the competition organized by TÜBİTAK in its 14th year with the “ADA” team and “Mediterranean Shark” vehicle. The new race category aims to encourage students to work on self-driving vehicle technologies. This race aims for university students from different disciplines to gain theoretical and practical skills relating to electric vehicles and autonomous characteristics.

What is The Importance of the Project?

The project is important for raising society awareness as it is indicator that production can take place on the island. With sufficient support as well as the correct infrastructure and crew it is possible to produce and gain a profit. There are a number of problems on the island relating to the training of engineers and technical staff. Therefore, we aim to visit high schools and middle schools to inform students about our projects with the goal of them gravitating towards the fields of science and engineering. The projects that aim to help our youth gravitate towards these fields are of top importance.