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The ‘International Conference on Clean Energy’ Hosted By EMU Commences

The ‘International Conference on Clean Energy’ Hosted By EMU Commences
Published Date: Thursday, 10 May 2018

'16th International Conference on Clean Energy' organized by the collaboration of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Energy Research Center (ERC) and Clean Energy Research Institute (CERI) of Miami University commenced with an opening ceremony in Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel on Wednesday, the 9th of May, 2018 at 09:00.

Prof. Dr. Uğur Atikol 

During the opening ceremony of 3-day conference which will continue until the 11th of May, EMU Engineering Faculty academic staff member and head of EMU Energy Research Center Prof. Dr. Uğur Atikol emphasized the increasing population in the world and correspondingly, the increasing need for energy. Stating the increasing number of problems regarding the climate changes which threaten the sustainability of life, Prof. Dr. Atikol explained the primary reason of the matter as the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to the infertile use of fossil fuels. As Prof. Dr. Atikol mentioned, the temperatures in the world is gradually increasing day by day and there are many technologies that can be used to reduce the global warming, but revolutionary structural changes are needed in order to use such technologies.

Prof. Dr. Ziya Arnavut 

It’s Vital to Have a Useable Solar Energy System

Expressing his pleasure to be in EMU, Prof. Dr. Ziya Arnavut Chair of Computer and Information Sciences Department in Fredonia New York State University mentioned the high cost of electricity in Cyprus even though the island has a sun-drenched climate throughout 365 days. Prof. Dr. Arnavut touched on the importance of having a useable solar energy system and stated his belief on the conference to play a significant role on finding a new and clean energy source for Cyprus.

Prof. Dr. Hongtan Liu 

Clean Energy Research Institute Director Hongtan Liu from Miami University made a speech during the opening ceremony and thanked everyone who have contributed during the process. During his speech, Liu shared a message from Prof. Dr. Nejat Veziroğlu, the Founding Chairman of Miami University Clean Energy Research Institute and also the Honorary President of ‘International Conference on Clean Energy’. Providing information about the Institute, Prof. Dr. Liu also wished a fruitful conference as well.

Ahmet Hüdaoğlu 

Importance to Economise the Redundantly Used Energy

Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority Chairman of the Executive Board Ahmet Hüdaoğlu stated that the energy need of 8 billion population in the world has reached a point where it can be met with nuclear energy. Saying that the request for renewable energy has also arose with the need for nuclear energy, Hüdaoğlu mentioned the importance of finding an appropriate energy to satisfy the 8 million population. Being on the fence between two matters, when one looks from a professional standpoint electricity should be provided to the society on any ground, on the other hand, the other half suggests not using energy which harms the environment. Emphasizing the economizing the redundantly used energy, Hüdaoğlu stated that the energy to be produced shall be in the form of renewable energy to the greatest extent possible and the amount left shall be produced in the form in which it would not pose a threat against the environment. Hüdaoğlu ended his speech by saying that the outcomes of the conference will play a significant role looking ahead and wished a successful conference.

Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam 

EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam thanked everyone for their participation and laid emphasis on his faith regarding the conference to lead better energy use in Cyprus. Stating his belief on using solar energy in Cyprus is applicable, Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam notified that he believes the conference will result in beneficial outcomes.

Özdil Nami 

Cyprus is an Appropriate Spot for Solar Energy Use

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Minister of Economy and Energy, Özdil Nami also made a speech during the opening ceremony and expressed his pleasure to be a part of an important international conference held in EMU. Nami indicated the importance and success of hosting such a conference in TRNC. Likewise all the other previous speakers, Nami also found Cyprus as an appropriate country to use solar energy. Explaining the lack of technologies to store the solar energy as a reason for the underuse of solar energy, Minister Nami touched on the government’s objective which is to connecting the network to a bigger one.  A suggestion is to use solar energy in Cyprus during day time and using the energy coming from Turkey at night time. Nami added that with the new system there will be an opportunity to produce more energy, to renew country’s own energy production system, to modernize the existing distribution systems in order to obtain more effective and safer systems and lastly, to have a more competitive economy within a cleaner environment.

Dr. Petra Belle 

Following the opening speeches, Dr. Petra Belle from Munich Technical University made the presentation titled “Fuel Cells – From Fundamentals to System”.  A panel on “Energy Approaches for Sustainable Development” will take place with the participation of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shahidehpour, Prof. Dr. Steffen Lehmann, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haas, Prof. Dr. Ramazan Sarı, Dr. Petra Belle and Dr. Amela Ajanovic on Thursday, the 10th of May, 2018 at 13:30.