*****ITEC400 registered students who has last 20 days for internship must send message to coordinator*******


Important Dates:

Report Submission (Final Copy):Because of the pandemic a soft copy of their summer training report must be submitted by 29 may 2020. Please remember that you have to hand in a hard copy and logbook.
Oral Examination: Will be announced via microsoft team.
Turnitin Test:
1)Please verify your email address shown on the list below(check number 5)until 25/04/2020
2) Open your access to turnitin using the message sent by the coordinator.
3) Submit your report to turnitin between 22-26/05/2020
3.You have to submit your summer training report before the announced deadline in the following semester (to summer trainning coordinator) Both as hard and soft(MS word) copies. Turnit-in check should be completed before submission also (check your student e-mail for details about turnit-in). Late submissions will be graded as Unsatisfactory.
4.Reports should be tested via for originality before your submission. The similarity score should be no more than 25% overall and no more than 5% for each source. The first page of the originality report must also be attached as the last page of your summer training report.

Please verify your email address shown on the list. Inform the itec400 coordinator of any necessary changes if required.