Master of Science (MSc)


Supervised Projects:

1- Hybrid Systems for Photovoltaic Thermal Regulation, (February 2023)

2- Modeling and Thermal Performance Enhancement of Solar Air Heaters, (September 2021)

3- Energy Performance and Economic Feasibility Comparison of Evacuated Tube and Flat Plate Solar Collectors for Domestic Water Heating, (February 2021)

4- Water Heating Performance Comparison of Heat Pump Water Heater, Flat Plate Solar Collector and LPG Boiler Systems for North Cyprus Climate Conditions, (September 2017)

5- Installation and Performance Testing of Solar Air Heater for Office Heating, (January 2017)

6- Geothermal Integrated System for Multi Generation, (December 2016)

7- Effect of Tank Size on the Temperature Distributions for Hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal Water Heaters, (September 2016)

8- Application of Micro-CHP System for a Student Accommodation Building in North Cyprus, (June 2016)

Available Projects:

1- A Calibrated Energy Performance Simulation Practice: EMU Faculty of Engineering Buildings