PhD Supervision

  1. Helal Mahmoud
    Thesis Title: Fractional Differential Equations with Fractional Boundary Conditions
    Ph.D. completed in June  2016, EMU
  2. Mohammad Momenzadeh
    Thesis Title: A Comprehensive Study On  q-Polynomials
    Ph.D. completed in February  2016, EMU
  3. Sinem Unul
    Thesis Title: On a Class Fractional Differential Equations
    Ph.D. completed in February  2016, EMU
  4. Marzieh Eini Keleshteri
    Thesis Title: Comprehensive Study On The Class Of q-Appell Polynomials
    Ph.D. completed in July 2015, EMU
  5. Afet Oneren
    Thesis Title: Q-polynomials
    Ph.D. completed in October 2014, EMU
  6. Mustafa Kara
    Thesis Title: Generalized Kantorovich type Operators
    Ph.D. completed in January 2011, EMU
  7. Havva Kaffaoglu
    Thesis Title: Phillips type Operators Based on q-integers
    Ph.D. completed in May 2011, EMU
  8. Pembe Sabancigil
    Thesis Title: Bernstein type Operators Based on q-integers
    Ph.D. completed in May 2009, EMU
  9. Muhammed Mattar
    Thesis Title:  Controllability of Backward Equations
    Ph.D. completed in June 2005, EMU
  10. Sonuc Zorlu
    Thesis Title: Controllability of Stochastic Systems
    Ph.D. completed in May 2003, EMU
  11. Ali Denker
    Thesis Title:  Controllability concepts for stochastic control systems
    Ph.D. completed in May 2002, EMU