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EMU Holds 2017 International Night in Grand Style

EMU Holds 2017 International Night in Grand Style

A night of joy, a unique display of culture and inter-cultural unification took place on Friday 12 May, 2017 as the International Office of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) held its 2017 International Night. The event featured unique performances of various Student Societies amongst the 106 different nationalities present at EMU.

The event which took place under the theme “We Are One” was attended by EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet OSAM and Vice Rectors. Students commended the organizers of the event as well as the University administration for organizing a grand event as such, stating that this year’s event is an improvement on past International Nights. They stated that the International Night stands out among other events organized by the University as it is the best and most unique platform for students of various nationalities to showcase the uniqueness of their culture.

The event that had a large turnout of EMU students and staff took place with the sponsorship Ramen Dormitory, Akdeniz Dormitory, New Form Gym, Halil Hamza Ayakkabi, Longson Dormitory, Alfam Dormitory, Prime Living Dormitory, Arkin Palm Beach Hotel, Port View Hotel, Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel and ErReklam Agency. Others are İtimat, Kıbhas, Turkcell, EMU Lala Mustafa Paşa Gym, Ekor, EMU-Koop, EMU Table d'Hote, Roof Restaurant, White Queen and Döveç. Awards of recognition were presented to the various sponsors at the end of the night.

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Published Date
June 13, 2017