CMPR200 - Summer Training

Hi my friends,

Things to do for summer training are as follows:

1. In order to do the summer training, each student must first find the company where they will do the internship. The internship assigned must be related to the program in which students are studying.

2. They can work as interns in any business line related to computer technologies within the company. The company does not need to be in a business entirely related to computer technologies.

3. After finding the company or place to do the summer training, the Summer Training Confirmation Forms on our website must be filled out by the student and sent to the instructor via Microsoft teams or e-mail for first confirmation. (Summer Training Confirmation forms are in our website)

4. After the Summer Training Confirmation Form 1 and Summer Training Confirmation Form 2 are filled in by the student, the student must also obtain the get acceptance stamp and signature of the company where he/she will do the internship.

5. If the student who will do the summer training in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or the Republic of Turkey, he/she must fill out the Compulsory Internship Social Insurance Form in 3 copies and obtain the signature and stamp for acceptance from the company official. (Compulsory Internship Social Insurance is available on our website and can be downloaded.)

6. Our students who will do their Summer Internship in Turkey or TRNC are required to pay compulsory Internship Social Insurance fee to the Koop Bank for 40 working days.

7. After fulfilling the items mentioned above, the internship coordinator should be contacted and all documents prepared for internship place eligibility should be submitted for confirmation of summer internship eligibility.

8. Our students who receive summer training approval can do their summer internship between the dates specified in the forms.

9. During the summer training, each student must write down what they have done regarding the training day by day in to the training logbook. (you can download Training logbook our website)

10. Each page of the training logbook must be signed and stamed by the coordinator of the relevant company at the end of the training.

11. The company coordinator or manager must make an evaluation on the evaluation page for the relevant student in the training logbook and deliver it to the student in a sealed envelope with sign and stamp at the end of the training.

12. Students who complete the summer training must register for the Summer Training Course to submit their summer training logbook beginning of next semester. Also every student must prepare a Summer Training Report while taking the course and take the oral exam. (sample report is available on the course website)

CMPR200 Summer Training Confirmation Form-1CMPR200 Summer Training Confirmation Form-1

CMPR200 Summer Training Confirmation Form-2 CMPR200 Summer Training Confirmation Form-2

CMPR200 Internship Social Insurance Form: CMPR200 Internship Social Insurance Form

CMPR200 Summer Training LogBook: CMPR200 Summer Training LogBook

CMPR200 Report Template: CMPR200 Report Template

Sample Image of Binding: Sample Image of Binding