ITEC400 - Summer Training

ITEC400 registered students who has last 20 days for internship must send message to coordinator

1.         Finding a Place for Your Summer Training:
Students should find a company or a working place for their summer training. The job/training assigned must be related to students' educational background. After the place found, Summer Training Confirmation Form must be filled by the student and sent to the instructor. Students can start doing their summer training right after getting acceptence of the instructor. After finishing the summer training, students must register to Summer Training Course for submitting summer training report and take the oral examination.

2.         Important Dates:
Report Submission (Final Copy): The date of the submission of summer training report is announced by the course instructor every semester. Also, the last day of submission is announced on Moodle. Please remember that you have to hand in a hard copy and logbook. Oral Examination date is also announced on Moodle.
3.         Turnitin Test:
a) Please verify your email address for Turnitin account after first meeting done with the instructor.
b) Open your access to Turnitin using the message sent by the instructor.
c) Please do not forget to check last day of the submission on Turnitin. It is not possible to submit and get the result for plagiarism test after submission is closed.
4.         You have to submit your summer training report before the announced deadline in the following semester (to summer training coordinator) both as hard and soft (MS word) copies. Turnitin check should be completed before submission also (check your student e-mail for details about Turnitin). Late submissions will be graded as Unsatisfactory.
5.         Reports should be tested via for originality before your submission. The similarity score should be no more than 25% overall and no more than 5% for each source. The first page of the originality report must also be attached as the last page of your summer training report.
6.         If you require any further information, feel free to contact the instructor on MS Teams.

ITEC400 Summer Training Confirmation Form-1
(Complete this form and get the approval from the summer training committee.)

ITEC400 Summer Training Confirmation Form-1
ITEC400 Summer Training Confirmation Form - 2
(This form should be faxed to the department by the company in which you are going to do the summer practice and the original copy should be placed into an enveloped together with the logbook.)

ITEC400 Summer Training Confirmation Form - 2
ITEC400 Summer Training LogBook
(During the summer training period, fill-out the summer training log book on a day to day basis.The log book should be posted to the department confidentially by the company, or you may bring it in an enclosed and signed envelop to the department.)

ITEC400 Summer Training LogBook
ITEC400 Report Template

ITEC400 Report Template

ITEC400 Evaluation Form
(The following form will be used by your supervisor for the evaluation of your training.)

ITEC400 Evaluation Form
ITEC400 Internship Social Insurance Form
Insurance is only required by the companies based in Turkey of the TRNC (required by laws in  Turkey and the TRNC)

Students who will complete their internship in Turkey or the TRNC must do the following:
1. Obtain a written letter of acceptance.
2. Complete the insurance form, print 3 copies, and attach 3 passport size photos on each copy.
3. Have their Insurance forms signed by the internship committee chair and the director.
4. Take the insurance forms to the Registrar's Office at least 15 days before the commencement of internship.

ITEC400 Internship Social Insurance Form / Staj Sigorta Formu

Sample Image of Binding