Personal Info

Cem Yağlı has been birth in Nicosia, 1969. He graduated from high school in 1987 (Namık Kemal Lisesi – Famagusta). He got the BSc. Degree in 1992 from Computer Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University – Ankara.  He studied in Eastern Mediterranean University, Computer Center within the 1996-1999 period as System Analyst and Designer, and he also led the software developers group of the Computer Center as a full time staff. He also work in School of Computing and Technology, Faculty of Tourism, and the Faculty of Business and Economics as a part time lecturer of various computer related courses. During that period he attend the master program on Economics, and he got the MSc degree in 1999 from Faculty of Business and Economics.

In 1999, he was transferred from Computer Center to the School of Computing and Technologies as a full time academic staff – senior lecturer. Since that date, he is working in the same status and same department. He is already attending to a PHd., program in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Department as a part time student.

He is married and having a daughter and a son.