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Course Description

This course is aiming to introduce students to analyzing, designing, and developing application software for multiple operating systems. The fundamentals of the multiplatform programming techniques with restrictions and benefits are taught in this course. The given theory is supported with exercises and sample applications using Java programming language (J2SE). Students get experience on "Write once and run everywhere" approach of programming.

Course CodeITEC314 Course TitleMulti Platform Programming
SemesterEvery Falls and Springs LanguageEnglish
CategoryAC (Area Core) LevelThird Year
Workload240 Hours Teaching Format3 Hours Lecture, 2 Hours Laboratory
EMU Credit(3,0,2) 4 ECTS Credit7
Prerequisite(s)ITEC243 Course Web



Office Hour

Monday 10:30-12:20
Tuesday 10:30-11:20
Thursday 10:30-12:20
Tuesday 11:30-12:20

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