Assist. Prof. Dr. Emre Özen


Current Courses

Courses given in the previous terms

  • ITEC572 Open Source Web Applications
  • ITEC571 Project Based Internet Applications
  • ITEC570  Project Based Windows Applications
  • ITEC512 Principles of Programming Languages
  • CSIT469 Server Side Programming
  • CSIT447 WEB Projects
  • EENG472 Client Server Computing
  • INFE421 Client Server Computing
  • ITEC420 Framework Based Internet Applications
  • CSIT419 Windows Application by .NET
  • CSIT319 Rapid Application Development
  • CSIT318 Visual Programming
  • ITEC255 Computer Organization and Architecture
  • CSIT226 Internet Applications
  • CSIT114 Structured Programming - I
  • CPIT114 Structured Programming - I
  • CMPE101 Introduction to Pascal