Assist. Prof. Dr. Emre Özen


Course TitleMobile Ad Hoc Networks
Course CodeITEC578
TypeFull Time
Semester Fall/Spring
CategoryArea Elective
Workload150 Hours
EMU Credit(3,0,0) 3
Level  Graduate
Teaching Format3 Hours Lecture
ECTS Credit5


Course Description
An ad-hoc network is an infrastructure-less wireless network that can be formed spontaneously. These networks are mainly used by researchers, emergency services and military. A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET), is a type of ad hoc network that can change locations and configure itself spontaneously. On a MANET mobile devices communicate directly with one another. MAC layer protocols, routing protocols, multicast routing protocols, transport layer routing protocols, energy management in ad hoc wireless networks and recent developments in mobile ad-hoc networks will form the main concept of this course. Recent publications and researches about MANETs will be discussed throughout the semester


General Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  • understand the recent protocols used in any layer of mobile ad-hoc networks.
  • know about the hot topics that are suitable for making research
  • know about the design issues of each protocol layer for mobile ad hoc networks
  • make research about publications on any topic.


Teaching Methodology / Classroom Procedures
  • The course has three hours of lectures in a week.
  • Class attendance is compulsory.
  • Only one make-up exam will be given for the missing exams.
  • Make-up exam will be given after the final exams.
  • No make-up will be given for the project.
  • Students are supposed to submit the assigned tasks on time.
  • Course related materials will be posted on the course web site.


Course Materials / Main References

Text Book:

Subir Kumar Sarkar, T. G. Basavaraju, C. Puttamadappa, Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks,Auberbach Publications, Feb 2013, ISBN:978-1466514461


Weekly Schedule / Summary of Topics
Week 1Fundamentals of Wireless Networks: What are Ad Hoc Networks?
Week 2What is MAC Layer Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Week 3Selected MAC Layer Protocols for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Week 4What is Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks?
Week 5Selected Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Week 6What is Multicast Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks?
Week 7-8Midterm Exminations
Week 9-10Selected Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Week 11What is Transport Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks?
Week 12Selected Transport Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks
Week 13Applications and Recent Developments in Ad Hoc Networks
Week 14Applications and Recent Developments in Ad Hoc Networks
Week 15Projects presentations by students
Week 16-18Final Examinations


  • Each student can have only one make-up exam. One who misses an exam should provide a medical report within 3 days after the missed exam. The make-up exam will be organized at the end of the term after the finals and will cover all the topics. No make-up exam will be given for any assignment.
  • Once the grades are announced, the students have only one week to do objection about their grades.
  • It is the students' responsibility to follow the announcement in the course web site.
  • Students who do not pass the course and fail to attend the lectures regularly may be given NG grade.


Method of Assessment
Evaluation and Grading Project Midterm Exam Final Exam
Percentage 40 %-60 %


Grading Criteria *
A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
90 -10085 - 8980 - 8475 - 7970 - 7465 - 6960 - 6456 - 5953 - 5550 - 5240 - 490 – 39

* Letter grades will be decided upon after calculating the averages at the end of the semester and distribution of the averages will play a significant role in the evaluation of the letter grades.