Curriculum Vitae

I.  NAME                     Mustafa Kemal Uyguroglu


For Bachelor Degree:

Institution               Years Attended/Year    Graduated Degree     Major Field

HT(EMU)             1981-1985                               B.S.                         Electrical Engineering

For Master Degree:

Institution               Year Attended/Year    Graduated Degree     Major Field

EMU                      1989-1991                               M.S                          Robotics

For PhD. Degree:

Institution               Year Attended/Year    Graduated Degree     Major Field

EMU                      1992-1998                               Ph.D.                      Robotics


Institution          Rank                                Date                      Major Subject

EMU                   Prof.                                2015-                     Circuits, Robotics

EMU                   Assoc. Prof.                    2006-2015            Circuits, Robotics

EMU                 AsstProf.                         1998-2006            Circuits, Robotics 

EMU                 Senior Instructor             1991-1998            Circuits, Programming

EMU                 Instructor                         1987-1991             Programming


- Curriculum Development and Teaching Innovations

    Initiated a course (EENG428 – Introduction to Robotics)

    Founded Robotics Lab

    Assisted in the development of the new Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering curriculums

- Courses Taught

EEE 111 Introduction to Computing

EENG 112 Introduction to Programming

EENG 212 Algorithm and Data Structures

EENG 223 Circuit Theory I

INFE221 Electrical Crcuits

EENG 224 Circuit Theory II EENG 115 Logic Circuit Design

EENG 428 Introduction to Robotics

EENG 405 Graduation Design Project Proposal

EEENG 406 Graduation Design Project

EE 529 Circuits and Systems Analysis


- Articles in Refereed Journals

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 - Articles in Refereed Proceedings

1.  Çelik T., Demirel, H., Özkaramanlı, H., Uyguroğlu, M., "Fire Detection in Video Sequences Using Statistical Color Model", IEEE-ICASSP 2006, Toulouse, France, Vols. 1-13, pp. 1461-1464, May 2006.

2.  Celik, T, Direkoglu, C., Ozkaramanli, H, Demirel, H.,     Uyguroglu, M., "Region- Based Super-Resolution Aided Facial Feature Extraction from Low-Resolution Video Sequences", IEEE-ICASSP 2005, Philadelphia, USA, pp. 789-792, March 2005.

3.  Yurtkan, K., Soyel, H., Demirel, H., Ozkaramanli, H., Uyguroglu, M., Varoglu, E., "Face Modeling and Adaptive Texture Mapping for Model Based Video Coding", CAIP 2005, The 11th Int. Conf. on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3691,pp. 498-505, 2005.

4.  Direkoğlu, C., Demirel, H,Ozkaramanli, H., Uyguroğlu, M., "Efficient Face and Facial Feature Tracking using Search Region Estimation", 2nd Int. Conf. on Image Analysis and Recognition,Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3656, pp. 1149-1157,2005.

5.  Celik, T., Direkoğlu, C., Ozkaramanli, H., Demirel, H., Uyguroğlu, M.,"Enhanced Facial Feature Extraction using Region-based Super-resolution aided Video Sequences" , 2nd Int. Conf. on Image Analysis and Recognition, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3656, pp. 1141-1148, 2005.

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7.  Soyel, H., Yurtkan, K., Demirel, H., Ozkaramanli, H., Uyguroglu, M., Varoglu, E., "Face Modeling and Animation for MPEG-4 Compliant Model Based Video Coding", IASTED International Conference on Computer Graphics and Imaging, CGIM 2005, Hawaii, USA, pp. 14-18, Aug. 2005

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12. Uyguroğlu, M., Tokad, Y., "An application of Network Model Approach to the

Hooke's Joint", Int. Symp. on Math & Comp. Appl. pp. 448 - 458, Baku, Sept. 1999.


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14. Denker, A., Uyguroglu, M., "Utilisation of virtual arms for collision-avoidance in multirobot systems", In Proc. of the 5. Internation Conference on Advanced Robotics,Vol.2, pp. 1546 – 1550, 1991.


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- Participation in Professional Associations

IEEE (USA), 1998

Chamber of Electrical Engineers, 1985


1.     Muntaser S.A. Al-dabe, "The Use of Neural Network to Learn the Kinematics and Dynamic Behaviour of Robot Arm", M.S. Thesis, September 1999.


2.     Cem Direkoğlu, "Frontal Face Detection, Facial Feature Extraction and Tracking", M.S. Thesis, Feb. 2015 (co-supervisor)


3.     Kamil Yurtkan, "Face Modeling and Analysis for Low Bit Rate Video Coding", M.S. Thesis, June 2005.


4.     Seyedvahid Amirinezhad, "Matroid Method versus Tsai-Tokad (T-T) Graph Method in the Kinematic Analysis of Mechanical Systems Consisting of Gears", M.S. Thesis, Dec. 2013


5.     Mohamad Harastani, "Equivalent and Dual Robotic Manipulators throug Dual Transformations, Reciprocal Screws and Graph Theory", M.S. Thesis, Sep. 2016.

6.     Eyad Al Masri, "Kinematics and Locomotion Analysis for the Six Legged Walking Robots Using the Theory of Screws, reciprocal Screws and the Graph Theory", July 2017.


Service for the University
-Administrative Positions

    Elected Senate Member (Professors Representative), EMU, 2017-

    Faculty Council Member, Engineering Faculty, 2016-

    Vice Rector, October 2009 – October 2014

    Faculty Council Member, Engineering Faculty, 2006-2009

    Chair, DAÜ-SEN (EMU Faculty Union), 2008-2009

    Acting Vice Rector, February 2004 – April 2004

    Acting Director, Advanced Technology Research and Development Inst., 2002-2004

    Vice Chairman, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1998-2003

    Executive Member, Advanced Technology Research and Development Inst., 2001- 2004

    Elected Senate Member (Instructors Representative), EMU, 1995-1998

     Vice Chairman, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1992-1993

    Faculty Council Member, Engineering Faculty, 1992-1993


- Committee Assignments

    University Registration Committee (2002-2009)

    Ad-Hoc Committee for Sabbatical Leave (2006)

    Faculty Undergraduate Committee (Chair) (2008-2009)

    Department Undergraduate Committee (Chair)

    Department Curriculum Committee (1994-2009)

    Department Computer Committee (1994-2009)