Academic Activities

Research Interest

All areas of construction management including but not limited to; Cost estimation, Social costs, Life cycle cost, built environment, urban regeneration, construction planning & scheduling

Articles published in international refereed journals (indexed in SSCI/SCI)
  1. Alizadehsalehi, S., Yitmen, I., Celik, T. and Arditi, D., 2018. The effectiveness of an integrated BIM/UAV model in managing safety on construction sites. International journal of occupational safety and ergonomics, pp.1-36.
  2. Çelik, T. and Kamali, S., 2018. Multidimensional Comparison of Lightweight Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures: A Case Study. Tehnički vjesnik, 25(4), pp.1234-1242.
  3. Çelik, Tolga, Saeed Kamali, and Yusuf Arayici. "Social cost in construction projects." Environmental Impact Assessment Review 64 (2017): 77-86.
Papers presented in international Conferences / Scientific meetings and published in the proceedings (Proceedings)
  1. Çelik, T., Kamali S., (2018, May). Gap Analysis for the Potential Use of Steel Construction in Cyprus. 11th International Congress on Civil Engineering, Tehran, 2018.
  2. Alizadehsalehi, S., Asnafi, M., Yitmen, I. and Celik, T., 2017, June. UAS-BIM based Real-time Hazard Identification and Safety Monitoring of Construction Projects. In 9th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization 13-14 June, 2017 at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, SWEDEN (Vol. 13, p. 22).
  3. Budayan, C., Çelik, T. (2016, Kasım). Akademisyenlerin ve Özel Sektörün Yeni Mezun İnşaat Mühendislerinin Sahip Olması Gereken Yeteneklere Dair Bakış Açıları. 4. Proje ve Yapım Yönetimi Kongresi Bildiriler Kitabı, Eskişehir, 2016. 
  4. Celik, T., Budayan, C. (2016). How the Residents are affected from Construction Operations Conducted in Residential Areas. Procedia Engineering, Prague, 161 (2016): 394-398.
  5. Tabar, M.R., Kökel, M., Çelik, T., Yitmen, İ. (2016, Kasım). Derin Kazılarda Maliyet Risk Tanımlaması ve Kaydı. 4. Proje ve Yapım Yönetimi Kongresi Bildiriler Kitabı, Eskişehir, 2016.
  6. Çelik T., Çelik, T. (2010, Ekim). KKTC'de Müteahhit Firmaların Analizi ve İnşaat Sektöründe Enformasyon İletişim Teknolojilerinin Kullanımı. 1. Proje ve Yapım Yönetimi Kongresi Bildiriler Kitabı, Ankara, 2016.
Service as a Reviewer

Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management   /  Subject Area: Property Management & Built Environment

Other publications
  1. Tolga Çelik, "Developing a Building Construction Associated Social Cost Estimation System for Turkish Construction Industry", PhD. Thesis, University of Salford, U.K., 2014.
  2. Celik, T., Nasifoglu, S., Bischard, E. (May 2014). Community Revitalization: A Case of Barrio Logan for CLUDs; 2nd Scientific Report (CLUDs Project) - Sustainable Urban Development - The role of urban rural regeneration in regional contexts, San Diego State University, USA.
  3. Tolga Çelik, "Gap analysis for the potential use of steel construction in North Cyprus", MSc. Thesis, Loughborough University, U.K., September, 2010.
Research Projects

(EU Funded) Commercial Local Urban Districts (December 2013 –May 2014):

To explore the potential of a new tool for renovating degraded public spaces and improving the attractiveness and accessibility of deprived urban areas by focusing on the high potential of local commercial activities. The exploration is oriented to the implementation of an innovative tool: CLUDs, Commercial Local Urban Districts, aimed at emphasizing the strategic role of small retails -handcraft and typical food- in reinforcing the sense of community, reducing transportation costs and contributing to the creation of attractive urban environment, thus producing increase of private investments. The CLUDs are designated areas, reflecting the rationale of Economic Opportunity Zones. In particular, the thematic specification of the CLUDs is related to local small retail associations that can be occurred on typical local production.

The implementation of the programme is based on a networking of four EU universities (Reggio Calabria, Salford, Uppsala, Rome) and two USA universities (Boston and San Diego), which all hold the leading positions in planning education, training and research in their countries. Partners will exchange staff members, Early stage and experienced Researchers, around yearly seminars/meetings, workshops, and a final international symposium. The core of this network activity regards: Joint research and raining activities on two main topics - public/private partnership (PPP) and urban regeneration; an international symposium on PPP in urban regeneration process.