CIVL694 Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Introduction to Course

Introduction for the course syllabus / course outline

Chapter 1

Introduction to Project Management Framework

Chapter 2

Feasibility Study

Chapter 3

Project Integration Management

Chapter 4

Scope Management

Chapter 5

Project Planning

Chapter 6

Least Cost Calculations

Term Project Materials

Project Charter Sample Template 1

Project Management Plan Sample  Template 1 / Template 2 / Template 3


Final Exam for CIVL694 will take place on 14th January 2018 @ 10:00 a.m. @ CE101 


5th International Project and Construction Management Conference (IPCMC2018)


Please inform course assistant Nima Tazehzadeh about your preferred participation of sessions by 05/11/2018.

Prospective full schedule is now announced! Click for more details IPCMC 2018 Schedule  

Please follow for further announcements!