ITEC460 - Projects

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Project 1

(Due on ???)

Project 2

(Duo on ???)

Group projects will be organized in parallel to theoretical study given in classrooms. It is expected that all members of a group will contribute to the best of their ability. Each group member must actively participate in design, development, and integration for each group projects. It is your responsibility to try to arrive at a fair method of making sure all group members contribute in some fashion. Each student in every group will fairly grade the contribution of other students in their groups based on the student performance for each project.  Each student's group projects will be evaluated in terms of group and individual performance. 

A report should be submitted for evaluation for each project. Hard copy of the project will be submitted to the instructor before the due date. Your report should answer all the questions clearly. Program codes are not needed in the report; however you can send your additional supporting documents such as program codes to the instructor by-email before the due date. The project report should be at least 4 pages excluding cover page when printed at Times New Roman or Calibri with 12 font size and 1.5 line spacing. Please do not put your project report in a special folder just place your report into a clear sheet protector. The first page should contain project title and number, team members, course code and title, instructor’s name, institution name, and date.