Ali Övgün is an Associate Professor of Physics at Eastern Mediterranean University in Gazimağusa. His research is at some of the interfaces between quantum gravity, cosmology, particle physics, and astrophysics. He is particularly interested in quantum gravity and its implications for black hole physics and cosmology beyond their standard models.


Academic Experiences:

-Associate Professor (2020-Now),
Department of Physics,
Eastern  Mediterranean University.

-Research Visitor (July/August 2022) , Prof.  Durmuş A. Demir, Sabancı University, TÜRKİYE.

-PITP2018 School (July 2018), The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

-Research Visitor (April/May-2018), Prof. Leonard Susskind, Stanford Institute for Theoretical PhysicsUSA.

-Research Visitor (April-2018),
Prof. Douglas Singleton,
California State University  Fresno, USA.

-Research Visitor (Jan/Feb-2018), 
Prof. Robert B. Mann,
University of Waterloo, CANADA.

-Research Visitor (Jan/Feb-2018)
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, CANADA.                                            

  -Short-term Visitor (Oct-2017)           CERN THEORY Division,  SWITZERLAND. 


-Postdoctoral Researcher (FONDECYT 2017-2020),Prof. Joel Saavedra, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, CHILE.

-Ph.D Physics (Feb 2013-June 2016)
Prof. Mustafa Halilsoy
Eastern Mediterranean University, CYPRUS.

-M.Sc. Physics (Sep 2011-Feb 2013)
Prof. Mustafa Halilsoy
Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), CYPRUS.

-Visiting Ph.D Student Astroparticle Physics (2010-2011)
University of Southampton, UK.

-B.Sc. Physics (Sep 2006-July 2010)
Prof. Durmuş Ali Demir
İzmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), TÜRKİYE.