Lab Grades have been announced in Grades section. (17.05.2018)

Laboratory Schedule:

(2 hours of laboratory per week)

The Lab schedule is as follows:

LW #1  (Introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel for Windows) –Mar.05 - Mar.10    

LW #2  (Introduction and debug features of MS visual C compiler) – Mar.12 - Mar.17                      

LW #3  (C Programming: sequential structure) – Mar.26 - Mar.31                     

LW #4  (C Programming: more on sequential structure) –Apr.02 - Apr.07  

LW #5  (C Programming: selective structure) –May.07 - May.12                   

LW #6  (C Programming: more on selective structure) –  May.14 - May.19 

LW #7  (C Programming: repetitive structure) –  May.21 - May.26  

Lab Tasks

Preliminary works

Lab 1

Introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel for Windows


Lab 2

Introduction and debug features of MS visual C compiler


Lab 3

C Programming: sequential structure


Lab 4

C Programming: more on sequential structure


Lab 5

C Programming: selective structure


Lab 6

C Programming: more on selective structure


Lab 7

C Programming: repetitive structure


Please note that you have to do the Preliminary works before coming to lab and bring the hard copy with you every section otherwise you will lose some points.