MENG 233 - Dynamics

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Application Form for Make Up Exam

Technical Report Writing


  • Improves traceability
  • Distinguishes your own contribution
  • Demonstrates the depth of reading
  • Supports claims made in the text.
  • Prevents accusations of plagiarism
  • Motivates the readers.
  • Improves the presentation of your work.
  • Academic practice

What to Cite?

  • The work & ideas of other researchers.
  • The sources you used to construct your own arguments
  • Ideas taken from others that are demonstrated inside tables.
  • All figures and tables need Numbers, Titles. They may also need Citations next to the title.
  • Slides that you produce for giving a presentation need to be cited as well.
  • Any image, figure, table, data, equation, model, text etc taken from another source must be cited.


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Students who have not submitted Project and Lab reports will get NG
Submission Deadline for Project: 3 June 2022

Additional Notes:

Acceleration in Polar Coordinates

Useful Links:

Newton's 3 Laws - NASA

Angular Momentum Explained - NASA

Conservation of Momentum - NASA

Gyroscope Explained - NASA

Kinetic and Potential Energy - NASA

Planetary Factsheet - NASA

Simscape Multibody - MATLAB

Simscape Multibody Simulation - MATLAB