MENG 574 - Space Systems Engineering

Space Systems Engineering combines multidisciplinary engineering fields to realize high-performance space systems and system components. The course uses an integrated approach to the complete design of a total space system and adopt a systems engineering approach to understand how the various component subsystems function and interface with each other. This course aims to provide an understanding of the processes and methods used in industry to design spacecraft, by adopting a systems engineering approach, and a detailed look at spacecraft systems and subsystems, whilst emphasizing the concurrent and iterative nature of spacecraft design, beginning from the definition of a space mission and the identification of a suitable payload to the final assembly, integration and verification. The topics covered include: introduction to systems engineering & spacecraft subsystems, space environment and its effect on design, orbital mechanics, dynamics of spacecraft, mission analysis, launch systems, spacecraft design & sizing, spacecraft subsystems, space propulsion systems, spacecraft structures & mechanisms, attitude control system, power systems, thermal system, telecommunications, telemetry, command, data handling and processing, ground system design & sizing, space manufacturing, assembly, integration and verification, reliability & cost, space law & regulations.

Course Outline