MENG 410 / MECT 410 - Introduction ot Capstone Design

Capstone Design Projects

Course Outline

Capstone Registration Process: 

PRE-REQUISITES: MENG303 - Computer Aided Engineering Design, and other related courses to the Project as proposed by the Project Supervisor.

Course Registration for Capstone 1, will be carried out after the process below. Students who are unable to formulate a team, chose a Project, and get the Approval of the concerned Supervisor, and forward it to Capstone Coordinator, will not be able to register for Capstone 1 this Semester."

a. Please formulate your Team of 5 members (maximum).
b. Please choose a project from the Capstone Project list above and join the MS Teams for Capstone 1 below.
c. Please contact the concerned Supervisor and get his/her Approval via email.
d. Please forward the Approval Email and the Project Proposal form via email to the Capstone 1 Coordinator (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Qasim Zeeshan).  
e. Please include the name, student ID, and email ID of all Team Members in your email.

Proposed Projects

  • Bio-inspired Wind Turbine (HAWT)
  • Bio-inspired Wind Turbine (VAWT)
  • Bio-inspired Human Powered Vehicle (HPV)
  • Emergency Ventilator
  • Exeskeleton
  • Hydrobike
  • Mini Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
  • Natural Fiber Composite Testing Apparatus
  • Friction Stir Welding (FSW) Monitoring System 
  • Snake Robot
  • Delta Robot
  • Industry 4.0 VR Lab