MENG 464 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Manufacturing Systems, Automation Technologies for Manufacturing Systems, Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Industrial Robotics; Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Material Handling, Fundamentals of Production Lines, Cellular Manufacturing, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM); Production Planning and Control, Just-In-Time Delivery Systems, Lean Production, Quality Control and Inspection Technologies; Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

Towards a Model-Based Approach

Benefits of Functional Architectures

Introduction ot Requirements

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Matlab and Industry 4.0

Production Simulation Software for Manufacturing

Logistics Simulation Software for Mission Planning

OR Simulation for Mission Planning

Model a Discrete Event System

Discrete Event Simulation with SimEvents

Applications of Discrete Event Simulation

Optimizing Manufacturing Production Processes

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Maintenance in MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink for IoT Applications

Digital Twins with MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink for Model-Based Design

Technical Report Writing


  • Improves traceability
  • Distinguishes your own contribution
  • Demonstrates the depth of reading
  • Supports claims made in the text.
  • Prevents accusations of plagiarism
  • Motivates the readers.
  • Improves the presentation of your work.
  • Academic practice

What to Cite?

  • The work & ideas of other researchers.
  • The sources you used to construct your own arguments
  • Ideas taken from others that are demonstrated inside tables.
  • All figures and tables need Numbers, Titles. They may also need Citations next to the title.
  • Slides that you produce for giving a presentation need to be cited as well.
  • Any image, figure, table, data, equation, mod