MENG 303 - Computer Aided Engineering Design

Course Outline

Textbook : David G. ULLMANThe Mechanical Design Process, 4th edition, Mc Graw Hill, 2010 

Lecture Notes

Engineering Design

Capstone Project Report Format

Previous Capstone Projects

Design Templates: 

Source: David G. ULLMANThe Mechanical Design Process, 4th edition, Mc Graw Hill, 2010 

Design Project: Project

Project Fall 2021-22 : 

Design of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle a.k.a. Underwater Drone

Project Spring 2020-21 :

Design of an Exoskeleton

Project Fall 2020-21 :

Design of an Emergency Ventilator

Sample Questions


Online Tutorials - SolidWorks

Online Tutorials - ANSYS

Online Tutorials - MATLAB

Getting Started with Matlab

Modeling and Simulation of AUV

Modeling and Simulation of Walking Robots


Application Form for Make Up Exam

Technical Report Writing


  • Improves traceability
  • Distinguishes your own contribution
  • Demonstrates the depth of reading
  • Supports claims made in the text.
  • Prevents accusations of plagiarism
  • Motivates the readers.
  • Improves the presentation of your work.
  • Academic practice

What to Cite?

  • The work & ideas of other researchers.
  • The sources you used to construct your own arguments
  • Ideas taken from others that are demonstrated inside tables.
  • All figures and tables need Numbers, Titles. They may also need Citations next to the title.
  • Slides that you produce for giving a presentation need to be cited as well.
  • Any image, figure, table, data, equation, model, text etc taken from another source must be cited.


Please join: Microsoft Team
PROJECT: Submission Deadline for Project - 3 June 2022
FINAL LAB EXAM: ACAD 1                                              Group 01: 
 Group 02: 
Note: There is no make up or Resit for Lab Exam

Group 01: 
Group 02: 
Note: There is no make up or Resit for Lab Exam

Useful Links:

Machine Design


Student Competitions

ASHRAE Competitions

ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

ASME Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Challenge (IAM3D)

NASA Student Competitions

ROBOSUB Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Shell ECO Marathon

Shell ECO Marathon Turkey


TEKNOFEST Technology for Humanity

TEKNOFEST Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle

TEKNOFEST Autonomous Vehicle

TEKNOFEST Robotics Competitions

TEKNOFEST Turbofan Engine Design

TEKNOFEST Flying Car Design

TEKNOFEST Model Satellite Competition

TEKNOFEST Rocket Competition

TEKNOFEST Fighter UAV Competition

TEKNOFEST Unmanned Underwater Systems

TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle


International organizations producing codes and standards:  ANSI, API, ASHRAE, ASTM, BSI, CEN, DIN, ISO, IEEE, JISTSE

Turkish Standards Search

Engineering Toolbox

Engineers Handbook


Material Selection Charts

International Tolerance (IT) Grades Table Chart

Standard Pipe Schedules

Sheet Metal Gage Size and Tolerances

Screw Threads Size and Tolerances

Biomedical Safety and Standards