MENG 303 - Principles of Computer Aided Engineering

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NOTE: There will be Solid Works Lab tomorrow 21 Feb 2018 in ACAD1 from 1230 - 1520 hrs
5 Apr 2019 Submission Deadline for Assignment 1
Mid Term Lab Exam: TBD
Quiz 1: TBD
Quiz 2: TBD
Final Lab Exam: TBD
31 May 2019 Submission Deadline for Project and Assignment 2

Useful Links:

Machine Design


Student Competitions

ASHRAE Competitions

ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

ASME Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Challenge (IAM3D)

NASA Student Competitions

ROBOSUB Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Shell ECO Marathon

Shell ECO Marathon Turkey

TEKNOFEST Rocket Competition

TEKNOFEST Fighter UAV Competition

TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle


ISO Standards for Road Vehicles

ASTM Automotive Standards

ASTM Standards Online Reading Room

International organizations producing codes and standards:  ANSI, API, ASHRAE, ASTM, BSI, CEN, DIN, ISO, IEEE, JISTSE

Engineering Toolbox

Engineers Handbook

Material Selection Charts

Standard Pipe Schedules

Sheet Metal Gage Size and Tolerances

Screw Threads Size and Tolerances