MENG 473 - Vibration Analysis and Design

Undamped and damped free vibration; forced vibrations with harmonic excitation; transient vibrations; systems with two degrees of freedom; vibration of continuous systems and Modal Analysis. Vibration Measurement & Control, Finite Element Method, Nonlinear and Random Vibrations.

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Vibration analysis of a CANTILEVER BEAM in MATLAB

Vibration analysis of a CANTILEVER BEAM in ANSYS

Free and Forced Vibrations (Datasheet)

Static and Dynamic Balancing (Datasheet)


Online Tutorials - MATLAB

Getting started with MATLAB

Online Tutorials - ANSYS

Model of a 1DOF Spring Mass Damper System in SIMULINK

Model of a 1DOF Spring Mass Damper System in SIMSCAPE

Application Form for Make Up Exam

Technical Report Writing


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