Master Students

  • Dr. Dilek Düştegör (2000). Thesis title: An Investigation of the Common Structure Underlying the Correctness and Completeness Proofs of Parsing Algorithms
  • Dr. Şenay Kafkas (2005). Thesis title: Equation Guru- An Intelligent Algebra Tutor for High School Students (co-advisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Yaratan)
  • Dr. Nagehan İlhan (2007). Thesis title: Solving the Teacher Relocation Problem using Constraint Logic Programming
  • Muhammad Reza Fatemi (2008). Thesis title: Towards Securing the Semantic Web: Ontology Access Control Management
  • Bijan Zamanian (2008). Thesis title: Agent Coordination using Enterprise Java Beans and XML Web Services
  • Şengül Çobanoğlu (2013). Thesis title: A Critical Evaluation of Web Service Modeling Language
  • Jane Anaekwe (2015). Thesis title: Intelligent Multi-Agent Online Examination System
  • İmren Toprak (2015). Thesis title: REG-EXPERT: A Knowledge-Based Intelligent Agent for Course Registration
  • Saeid Asgharzadeh Bonab (2017). Thesis title: A Novel Algorithm for Intelligent Traffic Light Control
  • Pamilerin Vivian Aribisogan (2019). Thesis title:  Web Accessible Knowledge Based Course and Classroom Scheduling Management