Final Exam of CMPE532 will take place on June 14th 2019 (Friday) at 11:00 in room CMPE126. You can bring three sheets of hand written notes with you to the exam.

Past exam questions

Fall 2008 Solution CMPE 532 Constraint Programming Midterm_1.pdf

Fall 2009 Solution CMPE 532 Constraint Programming Midterm_2.pdf

Fall 2008 532 Final.pdf

Fall 2009 532 Final.pdf

cmpe532 fall 2009 final exam

Practice exercises in Prolog.pdf

Partial solution to the project (you need to fill in the missing parts to get it working): proj_spring_2018_for_students.txt . Change the file extension to .pl .50% bonus if you implement a completely different solution!

Here is the final exam: CMPE532 Final Exam.pdf