ITEC259 - Digital Logic Design

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The Aim of the Course

Digital logic design is concerned with the design of digital electronic circuits which are employed in the design and the construction of the systems such as digital computers and many other applications that require digital hardware. The course presents the basic tools for design of digital circuits and provides the fundamental concepts used in the design of digital systems. The following topics are covered in detail: Number Systems, Boolean Algebra, Logic Gates, Minimization Techniques, Combinational Logic Design, Sequential Circuits and Counters.

Lecture Hours

Lec.: Tue. 10.30-12.20 & Thu. 13.30-14.20, CT124, Lab.: Tue. 16.30-18.20 & Wed. 16.30-18.20, Office Hour: TBA.

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 - Digital Systems and Binary Numbers
Lecture 2 - Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
Lecture 3 - Gate-Level Minimization
Lecture 4 - Combinational Logic
Lecture 5 - Synchronous Sequential Logic


Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4
Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6
Tutorial 7
Tutorial 8

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