Labs (CMSE 222)

Dear students

Because of new situation (to preventing the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19) our labs session will be online like lectures. We will ask our students to follow lab sheets, and run tasks, save the project files, and send them to Lab assistant weekly. Please follow related policies as follow:

1.      Send project file before the mention deadline for each lab. We will not accept any project file after deadline period.

2.      Please Do not ask your lab grades as we will announce your lab grades later (for labs 1,2,3, and 4 à7/5/2020 and for labs 5,6,7, and 8 à 30/5/2020).

3.      You should send one Email (to “") for each lab session included projects files, and word file (doc or docx) as lab report (a short description of lab context) and personal information.

4.      You should mention your information in each Email as follow:

Name and Surname:

Student number:

Lab session (number):

Group number:

Course code (for example CMSE 222 or . . .):

5.      You can find related software in internet easily or use these links:


quartus :

6.       The modified time table for lab is as follow:

Submission Deadline for LAB-1: 9/4/2020


Submission Deadline for LAB-2: 16/4/2020


Submission Deadline for LAB-3: 23/4/2020


Submission Deadline for LAB-4: 30/4/2020


Submission Deadline for LAB-5: 7/5/2020


Submission Deadline for LAB-6: 14/5/2020


Submission Deadline for LAB-7: 21/5/2020


Submission Deadline for LAB-8: 28/5/2020


LAB Coordinator: Mostafa Ayoubi Mobarahan

Office: Cmpe102
Tel: +90 392 630 2845